How Harvard Business School’s HBX Is Different From Other Online Programs

How Harvard Business School’s HBX Is Different From Other Online Programs

September 5, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh
How Harvard Business School's HBX Is Different From Other Online Programs

Photo Credit: Juliette Leufke/ Unsplash

  • HBX is Harvard Business School’s online learning program
  • Its courses take over one year to develop
  • The certificate is quite valuable to prospective employers

Did you know that you can study from Harvard right from your home? Going to Harvard Business School is a dream for many but only around 900 students make it to the famed institute every year. However, the institute has an online learning program called HBX, featuring relatively short courses that you can sign up for.

However, unlike several other online learning portals, HBX doesn’t allow you to enroll simply by paying the course fee. You need to go through a proper application process that involves writing an essay, a written examination, and even an interview. This differentiates it from most other online learning platforms.

Raj Desai, who studied at HBX, and has since founded a Hyderabad-based startup called School of Accelerated Learning, says, “HBX is not like other online learning programs. You have to apply for it and get selected for it.” The selection process, Desai says, adds a lot of value to the certificate, which already has the Harvard brand name on it.

However, HBX says that there is a simple application process and that it screens for motivated and committed learners who are willing to commit to the program and engage with the community of learners.