Diabetes Diet: Sugar-Free, Dates-Based Desserts To Curb Sweet Cravings

Diabetes Diet: Sugar-Free, Dates-Based Desserts To Curb Sweet Cravings

July 6, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh
Diabetes Diet: Sugar-Free, Dates-Based Desserts To Curb Sweet Cravings

  • Dates are one of the sweetest fruits nature has gifted us with
  • Diabetics can have sugar-free desserts made with dates
  • Here are some recipes of delicious sweet treats with dates

Too much consumption of sugary foods spells danger for health. Apart from increasing weight, they may also lead to various lifestyle diseases. Sugar is most harmful for people dealing with diabetes. In diabetes, the body stops producing insulin or loses its ability to respond to insulin already present. As a result, blood sugar levels shoot up beyond the normal range. That’s why diabetics are advised to avoid sugary foods. This leaves us wondering how difficult it must be for them to resist all those delicious desserts that we can’t seem to live without. Everyone deserves their share of joy of wallowing in the sweetness of sweet foods; diabetics too.

Diabetes patients can also have their fill of sweet treats with naturally sweetened meals sans any artificial sugar. Dates are one of the sweetest fruits nature has gifted us with. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, “Dates contain a high amount of natural sugar, but it is released slowly in the bloodstream, hence doesn’t lead to blood sugar spike. Their soluble fibre also aids blood glucose regulation.” So, dates may be used without any worry to create some flavourful desserts.

Here Are Few Sugar-Free, Dates-Based Desserts For Diabetes Diet –

Dates and Nuts Ladoo

This is the healthiest ladoo you can ever have! It is sugar-free and made with three super nutritious ingredients – dates, nuts and coconut. You can make these ladoos in bulk and store them in air-tight containers, and keep nibbling on them whenever you want.

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Diabetes: Sugar-free dates and nuts ladoo

Dates And Figs Fudge

Dates, figs, sesame seeds and peanut butter – all these foods are quite nutrient-dense. When combined, they create a delectable dish that emits a swirl of sweetness in the mouth with every bite.

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dates and figs fudge

Diabetes: Sugar-free dates and figs fudge

Dates And Cashew Vegan Balls

With the sweetness of dates, creaminess of cashew nuts and goodness of coconut, this snack item is perfect for those untimely hunger pangs. Just pop in this heavenly ball whenever the craving of ‘something sweet’ crops up.

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dates vegan balls

Diabetes: Sugar-free dates and cashews vegan balls

Date And Pistachio Muffin

This baked item is rich in fibre and proteins. But, to top it all, it is made with a healthy sugar substitute ‘khaand’ and other naturally sweet foods like dates and raisins, bringing in a double dose of sweetness to your plate.

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healthy muffins 625

Diabetes: Sugar-free dates and pistachios muffins

If you are suffering from diabetes or just struggling to lose weight, get down to making these sugar-free foods to satiate your sweet tooth without compromising on your health.