5 Best Watermelon Recipes To Try At Home: Watermelon Gazpacho, Ice Cream & More

5 Best Watermelon Recipes To Try At Home: Watermelon Gazpacho, Ice Cream & More

June 11, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh
5 Best Watermelon Recipes To Try At Home: Watermelon Gazpacho, Ice Cream & More

Watermelon Recipes: Come summers and there are umpteen refreshing summer fruits that storm the market. From luscious mangoes to litchis and the juicy watermelon, there are various fruits that help the body rejuvenate in the scorching heat. Juicy, sweet and ever-so-delightful, there is absolutely nothing that beats the joy of biting into a watermelon wedge on a hot summer day. Including watermelon recipes in your diet is the best way to replenish the body fluid that is lost through the day.

Summers are known for the abundance of invigorating fruit recipes that are prepared at home to beat the heat. From satiating smoothies to refreshing coolers, watermelon is one such fruit that is versatile even beyond that. You can blend the sweet pulp to a drink or whip it up with sweet honey and yogurt or even toss it with feta and olives for a salad. Watermelon recipes are gaining popularity day by day.

Besides being a versatile fruit, this summer melon has amazing health properties that make it a top choice to include in your diet. Before we take you through delightful watermelon recipes, let’s see the numerous health benefits it offers.

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1. Stay Hydrated: According to nutritionists, watermelons are 92% of water by weight, which further help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Aids Weight Loss: Watermelons are known to be low in calories; in fact, it is a negative calorie fruit that tends to burn more calories during digestion than it inherently contains.

3. Rich In Nutrients: With abundance of Vitamins B-6, A, C, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, watermelon makes for a delicious fruit to binge on.

4. Promotes Vision: Besides other nutrients, the blush red colour of the melon comes from lycopene, a nutrient found in many red veggies and fruits that is great for vision and also promotes heart health.

With all this and more, watermelon is the perfect balance of tasty and healthy. Here we have curated a host of watermelon recipes for you to prepare at home and beat the summer heat.

Here are 5 Best Watermelon Recipes To Prepare At Home:

1. Watermelon Curry

A mix of all things fruity and spicy! This different yet delicious watermelon curry is a perfect blend of watermelon, mangoes, paneer and black beans with a host of chillies and spices such as garam masala, red chilli, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, tomato puree along with a tang of lime, fresh basil and garnish of radish and chives.

Watermelon Recipes: A range of spices and beans are infused with watermelon juice, tomato puree, paneer and mango slices.

2. Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

A super healthy bowl of salad packed with the goodness of watermelon cubes along with pomegranate juice, bell peppers, cucumbers, flaxseeds, lettuce, pistachios and parsley tossed with a delicious mix of mustard seeds, oregano, jeera, salt and pepper. Pack this up for work when mid-day hunger pangs strike or start your day with this healthy bowl.

watermelon salad
Watermelon Recipes: A quick serving of a refreshing salad with hydrating ingredients.

3. Kokum And Watermelon Gazpacho

Tangy kokum, pulpy watermelon along with fresh cucumber, bell pepper and lemon infused together overnight and blended into a chilled, smooth drink that would refresh your body in the scorching summer heat. The goodness of kokum along with watermelon is a perfect mix this season.