Online Data and Privacy Protection: Why You Must be Careful

Online Data and Privacy Protection: Why You Must be Careful

May 10, 2019 Off By admin

You may be performing a lot of transactions online. Thus, a lot of information is stored digitally and it has to be well protected or else you may have to face unnecessary problems. Hackers can steal your details and other confidential information. You may end up losing a lot of important information as well as your hard-earned money.

Online protection is crucial to maintain your privacy and it is more than just a legal necessity. Today you can opt for the best free antivirus software that can keep you aware of such threats.

Data privacy importance and why should you be careful about it?

Data privacy is substantial and as more data is becoming digitized, you tend to share a lot of information online. It’s important for your personal use and if you own a business then you may have the information of millions of customers. This data of customers should be kept private else customer’s identities will not be protected and your company’s reputation can be damaged. You have to keep the customer’s data private.

Data privacy is not just a business concern. You should be careful about it because you can eliminate a large number of risks. For example, when you open a bank account you will be asked about your personal details, which will include more than your name. Data privacy is applied to critical personal information, personal health information, social security number, credit card details, medical records, financial information and some basic as well as sensitive information like date of birth and address.

If the private data gets in the wrong hands then a lot of bad experiences may happen. For example, if top-secret information from the government goes into the wrong hands then wrongdoers can do unlimited harm. Criminals can take advantage of this data.


The best solution:

Bitdefender offers free antivirus software which can help in protecting your data. It is a strong and silent guardian for your device. It will ask your employees to keep strong passwords and all the online accounts will be kept safe. In the case of a threat, it will warn you in advance. The free edition of this antivirus program will defend your device against intruders. It will offer the necessary protection without any extra fluff. There will be no time-consuming scans and you will get on demand and on access scanning which will run in the background.

  • Anti-phishing feature: Your business will get free protection against internet fraud. With the anti-phishing feature, you will be able to keep your passwords safe and browse in a safe way. It is very easy to use as well. The free edition of the bitdefender antivirus program will block the default phishing websites that pretend to be safe. These websites can steal your data and this antivirus program will prevent it by blocking phishing websites.


  • Anti-fraud feature: In case you or your employees open any type of scam websites, then the advanced filtering system will detect the suspicious web page behavior and it will prevent your sensitive financial data. It will not fall into wrong hands.


You need to be careful when it comes to the online privacy of data. Using free antivirus software will keep the data of your customers absolutely safe. The free edition of Bitdefender offers many features. It is an intelligent antivirus which will block all the e-threats. The new behavior-based technology will detect and block the threats in advance. The multilayer ransomware protection will keep the files safe from encryption. The web filtering technology will make sure that you or your employees do not land on harmful websites and the unique dedicated browser will keep all your online transactions completely secured.  Install it now and keep your online data and privacy protection supreme.