Signs That You Need Your Septic Tank Emptied

Signs That You Need Your Septic Tank Emptied

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Necessary Precautions

Typically, homeowners don’t think about their septic tank until something is wrong. When that problem arises, it’s usually too late to fix anything. Instead, all you can do is watch waste water flood your yard–or worse, your home. While there is sludge dewatering equipment available to make the removal of the wastewater a lot easier, it’s best to avoid the nasty predicament all the same. To make sure your wastewater stays where it should, here a few signs that your septic tank needs some help.

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Backed Up Pipes

One of the initial signs that you may notice which indicates your septic tank should be emptied soon is if your toilets start to back up. While clogs are certainly common, if you happen to notice that your toilet continue to gets clogged and even starts to back up, then your tank may be full. It is also possible that you have a clog somewhere deeper in the pipe that is keeping the rest of the waste from entering the tank. In this event, it’s always a good idea to have the tank emptied first. If the problem persists, then you should have someone take a look at your pipes.

Strong Smells

Odor is another inevitable sign that your tank is full. Gases tend to formulate within your tank. However, when that tank is full, there isn’t any room for the gases. So, they migrate through the pipes and end up coming out of your toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower drains. If you notice that there’s a consistently unpleasant smell coming from your pipes, then your tank may be in need of a drain.

Green Grass

If you happen to notice that the grass around your drain field is quite lush, then it may indicate your tank is full. This is because the grass is receiving a little extra fertilizer from the wastewater that’s escaping from your full tank.