Performances in New York City

Performances in New York City

March 8, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh

New York City is the theater capital of the world! Whether you want to see the latest big-budget blockbuster musical, New York City Cabaret, or an intimate drama in a small venue, it’s all right at your fingertips in the Big Apple. Here is a guide to the most common theatre venues in New York.


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Since the mid-19th century, Broadway has been the epicenter of theatre in America. Geographically, “Broadway” refers to about 40 theaters in Manhattan from 42nd and 53rd Street and 6th to 8th Avenues. Also known as “The Great White Way,” Broadway is home to the biggest plays and musicals, and is the most sought-after destination for playwrights to have their productions mounted, and actors to perform.




“Off-Broadway” is a term that refers to smaller, lower budget theatrical productions that are a little more scattered throughout New York City. The major distinction is that an Off-Broadway theater has 99-499 seats. Theatres with 99 seats or fewer have the distinction of being “Off-off-Broadway.” But don’t let this deceive you…many great productions like to have smaller venues, and many up and coming shows preview in these spaces before moving to a larger theatre.

Cabarets and clubs


Throughout the city, the grand tradition of New York City Cabaret in night clubs is alive and well. Whether it’s a performance of original songs by a singer-songwriter, dueling pianos, lounge acts, or a drag show, the musical and performance nightlife in New York city is world-class, and you never know who you’ll see!


 Mobile performances


Finally, from wandering minstrels in Central Park to street musicians and flash mobs, performance artists, the city is filled with performers ready to entertain-sometimes when you least expect it!


New York is often called the greatest city in the world. When it comes to performance art and theater, it’s hard to argue against that!