Great Safety Strategies for Jobs That Involve Metal Pipes

Great Safety Strategies for Jobs That Involve Metal Pipes

March 8, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh

Metal pipes are thick and dense, so they must be handled properly during construction jobs. If you tackle jobs without a defensive plan, accidents could happen. The strategies in this safety guide can help you complete transport jobs safely.

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Always Consider the Weather

During a transport project, certain weather conditions can impact daily routines in unique ways. In order to stay consistent throughout a job, you’ll need to prepare for

  • Heat: On a very hot day, intense UV rays will shine directly on a metal pipe. As this happens, the metal will gradually heat up. After the metal gets extremely hot, no one will be able to touch the surfaces. To glide hot pipes around a site efficiently, everyone must wear a pair of heat-resistant gloves.
  • Rain: Rain causes two problems during piping jobs. When rainwater soaks metal pipes, the moisture reduces traction, and the lack of traction makes the process of keeping hefty pipes stable on soggy terrain challenging. The best way to stay safe is by stopping a job whenever heavy rainfall could heavily soak or flood a construction zone.
  • Heavy wind: Heavy wind usually generates during hurricane events and strong rainstorms. If a gust of wind pushes you around, don’t try to transport heavy pipes on a cable because the currents may twist or rotate the supplies in the air.

Wear Steel-Toe Boots

Steel-toe boots will protect your toes if a rubber lined pipe accidentally rolls away. The weight limit for a pair of steel-toe boots vary; some products can withstand up to 75 pounds, and others have a 400-pound weight capacity.

These strategies can help everyone stay safe while moving hefty pipes. If you want consistent, long-term results, design and host training workshops on a regular basis. Each workshop should focus on awareness, risks, and safety in a busy work environment