Individualized Education Plans In the Private Sector

Individualized Education Plans In the Private Sector

February 15, 2019 Off By Anindita Ghosh

If your child requires an Individualized Education Plan, you may feel limited in your options of where they can attend school. The good news is that specific funding and scholarships are in place to help children with IEP’s and other medically diagnosed conditions attend the private school of your choice.

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Though public schools have mandated funding for special needs children, in some situations the services they provide are available to those in private schools as well. This financial benefit along with McKay scholarships Tampa can simplify the challenges you face as a concerned parent and help begin a solid foundation for your child.

What Is the McKay Scholarship?

Created in 1999, the McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program helps children with particular diagnoses, learning styles and other impairments choose between public and private institutions. In the past, many families facing these issues were limited in their educational choices due to financial constraints. Through the establishment of scholarships like the McKay and other similar opportunities, families now have the freedom to explore other programs that may suit their needs better.

Results of Freedom of Choice 

Being able to look at a variety of schools, both public and private, means you have a chance to find the curriculum, community and educational quality that fits you. For instance, private schools can cap enrollment, meaning classroom numbers are low and teachers can spend more time with each student. Additionally, private institutions generally have a mission statement and focus that they design their instruction around. This could be a commitment to a Christian base or special attention to unique programs. There are many options available and having the ability to pick and choose is priceless.

Regardless of the hurdles, your child is not limited in their educational journey, and it is never too late to begin exploring the financial avenues that may be open to you.