The Many Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

The Many Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

January 25, 2019 Off By admin

Cats make wonderful pets. They fit into any home. People can keep a cat in a house, bring it an apartment or take it with them when they’re off to a college dorm room. Cats have soft fur. They come in many colors. They also typically live a decade or more so you have the wonderful opportunity to bring up a kitten and enjoy life as it bonds with you. Loving your feline companion means making sure it stays as healthy as possible. There are lots of easy steps you can take to keep your favorite pussy cat at your side for many years.

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Getting The Cat Vaccinated

Just like people, cats also need to be vaccinated. Vets can offer your pet the vaccines it needs to stay healthy. If you don’t have time, you can shop for cat vaccinations online. Any cat owner can order the vaccines recommended for their cats as often as needed. This makes it easy to protect your cat against common and serious medical conditions that might otherwise compromise not only their health but the health of other cats around them.

Proper Brushing

Long haired cats need special coat care to look their best. If you have a cat such as a Persian or Maine Coon, you’ll want to make sure the coat looks good and feels even better when you stroke them. If you adopt the cat as a kitten, take the time to get it used to being brushed. Cats can learn to appreciate the feel of a thick brush or a comb against their fur. This will also help you spot and remove any potential knots from the cat’s fur before they get worse. A long haired cat also benefit from a bath every few months. This will keep remove any dirt and other particles that can also lead to knots.

Short haired cats do not need to be bathed. However, they also benefit from a weekly brushing to help keep their coat in excellent shape.

Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

Cats typically find surfaces to help remove old nail materials and encourage new nail growth. An owner can encourage even better nail growth by periodically clipping the cat’s claws. This is an another area where it is best to encourage the cat to get used to this assistance as a kitten.

While one person can do on their own, it’s a good idea to have help. One person can sooth the cat with treats. The other can concentrate on the cat’s nails. Have a nail clipper on hand. Gently press on the cat’s paws. This will make the nails spring out from the paw. Quickly take each separate nail and clip the ends. Be sure to get the dew claw and the back claws. Reward the cat with a special treat. It’s a good idea to clip the cat’s claws at least twice a month. This will keep the kitty’s claws in great condition while at the same time making it easy for the owner to avoid getting scratched.

Food and Water

Al cats enough food and water each day. Make sure the cat’s water dish is filled. A water dish can easily tip over. Look for water bowls that are heavy enough to stay grounded even if kitty wants to play as well as drink. Change out the water at least once a day. Cats need clean water that encourages them to get enough liquid.

The kind of food you give your cat should be carefully considered. Many cat owners like to give cats both wet and dry food. A can of wet cat food along with a large scoop of dry food can help any cat stay healthy. Keep table scraps like ham and fish to a minimum to avoid excess weight gain.