Ways to Develop a Career in Skincare

Ways to Develop a Career in Skincare

January 22, 2019 Off By admin

If you didn’t already recognize this, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. With this understanding, it’s important for people to really take good care of their skin. If you are someone who’s passionate about skincare and solving problems, you might want to consider a career in skin care. There are so many ways to approach skin care in a way that works for you. Consider these three options.

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1. Become a dermatologist.
If you’re interested in the journey of matriculating through medical school, practicum and more, you might want to become a dermatologist. You’ll have the medical background to rely on. You’ll have a larger scope of procedures you can perform on your patients. Your scope of medical range increases when you have a medical degree to back up your expertise.

2. Become an esthetician.
An esthetician gets the benefit of impacting the client with transformative treatments and care without a medical degree. If you choose this route, you’ll still be able to experience one-on-one time with a client. In many cases, it might be more than a dermatologist with a heavy patient load. You can become an esthetician by taking classes and getting certified. Estheticians tend to work in spas and salons. If you’d like for your brand to expand within the spa or salon, consider creating an active profile on a social media platform like Instagram or YouTube. You can provide tips, record and show snippets of treatments (with client consent) and more.

3. Become a writer/researcher.
If you have excellent writing and research skills, you’ll be able to go very far with these skills. When you match your skincare expertise with writing and research, you can create lots of content for various outlets. You can sell articles as a freelance writer in the skin care field. Write and self-publish your own books under your brand. It can take time to build your own brand. You’ll want to make sure you connect with different estheticians and dermatologists in the field for their expert advice. Thanks to the success of the internet, you can build an online brand that promotes your brand as a freelance writer who specializes in skincare.