3 Fishing Tips

3 Fishing Tips

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If you are fishing for the first time, you are probably eager to catch your first fish on the first try. A seasoned fisherman may tell the beginner that even he does not always catch a fish on every fishing trip. Successful fishing is almost an art. Technique, the elements and luck all play a role. Big game lures, for example, are recommended for reeling in tuna and marlin. To catch other types, you may have to go into shallow waters.

Here are three fishing tips to consider.

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There are many theories in the fishing world in terms of what lures work best for catching specific fish. There are many reports that inform the novice and veteran fisherman on the lures that were tested and their results. There are also reports that have attempted to find lures that work best for all fish. The bottom-line on lures seems to be finding the ones that best trick the fish being sought. A line-tie that causes the lure to switch from side to side, for example, has been found to be successful on bass and tarpon.

The Elements

Before you set off on your fishing trip, take into consideration the weather. If a storm is on its way, many recommend to go out before it hits. The pressure of a storm can affect fish like bass. They are more likely to bite before the storm than after.

You are also advised to take into consideration the direction of the wind. It is all right to face the wind because fish are more likely to swim with the current of the water. You may not get the best distance on your cast, but you may come away with a bigger score.


Different fish swim in different waters. The bigger the fish, the more likely it is to live in open waters. If you are seeking bass, shallow waters in the spring are recommended.

Whether you are fishing to relax or to find your next meal, the elements, location and lures, like big game lures, will play a role.