Special Touches That Bring Your Holiday Décor to the Next Level

Special Touches That Bring Your Holiday Décor to the Next Level

September 29, 2018 Off By admin

Have you ever went into someone’s home during the holidays and wonder how they achieved such a beautiful display? Their decorations look amazing while yours seem so basic. Their secret is knowing how to add the little touches that make their home look like they had a professional come in to decorate.

The Tree

You can begin with a single color such as red. Place solid red ornaments evenly around the tree. Use a topper, tree skirt, and garlands in red. Now you can scatter all of the traditional family ornaments throughout the branches. Starting with that solid color will make the tree look put together even though you still used an odd assortment of ornaments. Add a whimsical touch by placing a model train and nce dcc command station around the base.

The Fireplace

You probably have all of the essential decorations for a beautiful fireplace, but something still doesn’t look right. The problem is usually a matter of the homeowner mixing to many different designs together. You might have bought a wreath from one collection, a garland from another, and the stockings may be in an assortment of colors and styles. Don’t buy all new. Simply purchase a spool of Christmas ribbon. Make a bow for the wreath as well as smaller ones for each stocking. It will instantly make everything coordinate.

The Table

Forgetting to decorate the table is a big mistake. Any professionally decorated home will have the table set with dishes, napkins, and placemats in Christmas colors. Create a wonderful centerpiece by laying a wreath down in the center of the table. Set a lantern in the middle, and use battery powered lights for illumination.

By adding these few simple touches to your holiday décor, you will be able to transform your home into a magical Christmas wonderland. None of these suggestions are hard to follow, but you will be amazed at the impact they make.