The top 3 Antiviruses to keep your pc safe

The top 3 Antiviruses to keep your pc safe

April 26, 2016 Off By admin

We use laptops and pcs in our everyday life. Streaming movies, completing work, gaming, surfing the net and what not, but along with are excessive habits comes the risk of unwanted viruses and malwares. Let’s be honest we all go to torrent websites to download our favorite movies, tv shows and games but what we don’t know is that the files we download are often packed with Trojans, malwares and viruses that not only effect our device’s processing but also steal data and upload it to various hosting sites. In order to deal with it you must have a proper antivirus which protects your pc from all sorts of online and offline viruses. In the recent times people have managed to develop new tricks to transfer a computer virus from one pc to other in many ways, thus to counter that antivirus companies offer a complete overall protection to the users. Viruses are not just limited to a pc/laptop/mobile, online shopping sites or social media sites have databases stored on various servers and hackers tend to send viruses in order to steal data from them, antivirus companies provide an overall standard solution for corporates as well.

The premium-end antiviruses

Though there are many free antivirus tools available on different sites but it is advisable for you to buy one in order to get complete protection. Cracked products do not have data collection and online problem solving benefits, thus an authorized product can offer you much better help in case of antiviruses. Though the main use of antivirus software is that it stops your pc from installing any malware but other Trojans like the shortcut, copy viruses also create headache sometimes.

The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: This antivirus has been rated as the top software to protect your device from any non-demand and unwanted influence from outside, whether it’s online or and hardware device. Quick heal coupons will help you get some discount.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016: Kaspersky has launched its new version of antivirus software and it has done well in the newly conducted lab tests by various field enthusiasts. It stands at second in the list.

McAfee Anti-Virus Plus: McAfee is one of those companies which started developing antivirus software very early, this product is another good standard product by the company, the best feature about the software is that one subscription lets you install the software on all your device across all platforms (including android, ios and windows).

Though each of the software will cost you around $40, but they will be more valuable as they save your devices from unwanted threat.

Where to buy from?

People have serious doubts on e-commerce companies, some people claim to have received a duplicate product, so for your own satisfaction it’s good if you buy it from the company’s official website. Antivirus companies too have special offers and discounts running all year round, you can use Kaspersky coupons these will help you save some dollars or get you an extra year of subscription.