Raspberry Pi Simple LCD Interface Board Pi-LCD Unveiled

Raspberry Pi Simple LCD Interface Board Pi-LCD Unveiled

September 14, 2015 Off By admin

Raspberry Pi Simple LCD Interface Board

Makers, developers and hobbyists that enjoy using the Raspberry Pi mini PC to build projects or are using the single board PC to learn more about coding, may be interested in a new simple LCD interface board that has been created by David M Saul.

The Pi-LCDAs it has been called provides an easy way to visually display anything you require on a backlit 16×2 LCD display that is also HD44780 compatible.

Its creator explains a little more about the features and functions you can expect to enjoy, once you have pledged £12 or more over on the Kickstarter website.

• The board is driven via the GPIO, no SPI or I2C interface to contend with – so easily programmable in Python without out the need to install any additional s/w modules
• Vertically oriented display, making it much easier to manage the HDMI, power etc connections to the Raspberry Pi
• Can sit on a shelf above your desk
• Board allows control of single colour [mono] and full colour RGB backlit display types
• Through the clever use of jumpers common anode and cathode RGB backlit displays can be accommodated
• I2C and 1Wire interface pads are brought out on the PCB to allow additional devices to be connected if desired
• 3 momently contact switches are included as standard on the rear of the PCB
• Can be used with a number of pi cases – I particularly recommend the Pibow Coupé range from Pimoroni, the Pi-LCD can also be easily used with the official Foundation Pi-Case just leave off the 2 upper plastic mouldings

If you are interested in owning your very own Pi-LCD kit without an LCD module included it is now available to pledge for from £12 upwards and £23 will provide a kit complete with an LCD module. Jump over to Kickstarter via the link below for more information.