Why Your Business Needs an Armed Security Guard

Professional security, or lack thereof, impacts your daily business whether or not you realize it. Security guards generally fall into one of two categories; armed or unarmed. While both have their benefits business owners often have no clue why they should potentially opt for armed guards. After all, wouldn’t an unarmed guard do just as fine a job without the potential dangers involved? Well, that all depends on the situation. As all businesses differ, there are specific reasons your business is ready for and may actually need an armed security guard.

Your Business Is in an Unsavory Location

Not every business can afford to set up shop in the best location. And even areas that originally seem fine can quickly change based on local resident transitions and current trends. If the business is in a high crime area or area known for its drug activity, an armed security guard isn’t just a smart business plan, it’s also an investment. Those involved in crime waves and drug activity tend to be more desperate than other low-level crooks.

Addicts will often go to extreme measures to get their next fix, and that can lead to dangerous or violent activity with your business, customers, or employees caught right in the middle. Korner Security can help you perform the background research needed to see if your location is especially dangerous. And if so, they can also provide the right solution for your needs.

Your Business Sells or Contains High-Value or Luxury Items

Crime is risky, and the amount of risk a criminal accepts often depends on the final outcome of the crime itself. In other words, criminals are more likely to plan an elaborate or dangerous theft attempt at a jewelry store than they would at a garden center. While most thieves look for easier targets to just smash a window and grab the goods, high-value or luxury items often encourage riskier activity from armed and dangerous or desperate characters.

Dangerous criminals are often armed with firearms or even blunt items like hammers and pipes to get the end result they desire. Unfortunately, desperation is usually a part of it and employees or customers can get hurt or traumatized in the process. An armed security guard on the premises provides a visual warning that usually makes the potential robber reconsider the plan and go elsewhere.


Your Business Budget Affords the Next Level of Professional Security

Chances are if you’ve built your thriving business from the ground up or have taken over a well-run company, the last thing you want is to lose momentum. An excellent reason to invest in armed security is simply because your business can afford the option as an extra layer of prevention or protection. In many places across the nation, almost anyone can become an unarmed security guard. However, in the case of armed guards, there’s usually more background checking required, higher expectations and experience demands, and more training provided p ior to placement.

The state of Michigan doesn’t require special certification to become an armed guard, but a firearm license is absolutely required. Korner Security also holds their armed security to the highest standards by ensuring they all have a clean bill of health and excellent fitness levels; they have and maintain clean criminal and mental records; they are all at least 21 years old, hold an active Michigan drivers license, and continually pass drug tests. Many armed guards are body builders or fitness buffs and have prior tactical experience, so they’re already well-trained before entering the field. When your business is ready for the next level of success, Korner Security can help it get or stay there with a customized armed security guard solution.