World Kidney Day: 8 Common Causes of Kidney Failure You Should Know About


By now we know that cancer, heart disease and obesity are some of the heavy weights in the category of major diseases in the world that are also responsible for killing millions and millions of people every year. So much have been spoken about these diseases that somehow other ailments, of significant importance too, seem to have been pushed to the background. The truth is that there are other diseases, probably resulting from our sedentary lifestyles, that are on the rise, and alarming growing every year. For example, kidney disease. According to several Indian population-based studies, the number of Indians suffering from chronic kidney ailments has doubled in the past 15 years, and at present 17 in every hundred citizens suffer from some form of kidney disease.

In an attempt to spread awareness about kidney diseases, 9th March is observed as World Kidney Day. The theme of the global campaign this year is obesity and how it plays such a crucial role in increasing the risks of kidney ailments. Kidney is an essential organ in the body. Its primary role is to remove toxins and excess fluids from the body through urine, and also maintain a good balance of body salts and other chemicals. It is also involved in controlling the production of red blood cells and regulating blood pressure.World Kidney Day: 8 Common Causes of Kidney Failure You Should Know About

So how do we prevent kidney failure and other ailments? Here are some pointers –1. Obesity is a Lead Cause

Obesity is becoming a growing worldwide epidemic, and is expected to affect more people in the years to come. One’s lifestyle habits, particularly sedentary lifestyle, are adversely impacting health. According to researchers and authors of the study – Obesity and Kidney Disease: Hidden Consequences of the Epidemic, “Obesity is one of the strongest risk factors for new-onset chronic kidney disease, and also for nephrolithiasis and for kidney cancer.”

As stated on the official website of the campaign, “A growing body of evidence indicates that obesity is also a potent risk factor for the development of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). People who are overweight or obese have 2 to 7 more chances of developing ESRD compared to those of normal weight. Obesity may lead to CKD both indirectly by increasing type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, and also by causing direct kidney damage by increasing the workload of the kidneys and other mechanisms.”

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2. Cut Down on Red Meat

According to a study done by National University of Singapore, they found that participants who ate the largest amount of red meat had about 40 percent greater risk of developing kidney failure compared with people consuming the lowest amounts of meat. “Our findings suggest that individuals can still maintain their protein intake unless their kidney function has been severely compromised. However, to reduce the risk of end-stage renal disease, it is best to eat red meat in moderation,” said the lead author of the study Woon-Puay Koh.

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3. Good Sleep Time is Crucial

According to a study done Brigham and Women’s Hospital, shorter sleep duration can lead to a more rapid decline in kidney function. Many of the body’s processes follow a natural daily rhythm or so-called circadian clock that is based on regular sleep-wake cycles. The study found that kidney function may be compromised when this natural cycle is disrupted.


4. Hypertension Ups Risk

About 20 per cent of India’s youth suffer from hypertension which makes them 40 percent more vulnerable to kidney damage and cardiac arrest. There is little understanding in the country of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, which usually does not cause symptoms but gradually affects various body parts. “As many youngsters do not get to know that they are hypertensive they continue with their sedentary lifestyle,” said Gireesh Manwani, Senior Consultant (Internal Medicine), Saroj Super Speciality Hospital. “This slowly and steadily damages the kidneys and heart apart from giving rise to various other problems; it could even be fatal.”

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5. Say No to Junk Food

According to a study by Anglia Ruskin University in Britain, a diet that relies mostly on junk food or processed food may cause long-term damage to the kidneys and trigger diabetes. “Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes both induce changes in glucose transport in the kidney but junk food or a diet high in fat causes changes that are very similar to those found in Type 2 diabetes,” said Havovi Chichger, lead author of the study.

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6. Cut Down on Sugar

Dr. Anshul Jai Bharat, a Delhi-based Nutritionist, says, “Most processed food products contain too much sugar, so when it goes to your system it leads to hormonal imbalance and also your blood profile changes. High consumption of these empty calories can cause obesity and diabetes – diseases that directly impact the functioning of your kidneys. You can treat yourself to your favourite dessert or a fast food burger sometimes as long as it does not replace your daily balanced diet.”


7. Keep a Check on Phosphorous Intake

Health experts and doctors have issued a warning against excess phosphorous in the human body claiming that it may increase the risk of chronic kidney disease where the phosphate levels in the body shoot up to abnormally high levels. According to them, muscle cramps, numbness, tingling, bone or joint pain and rash are all the symptoms of hyperphosphatemia and people who experience them quite often should consult a doctor at the earliest. Foods that should be strictly avoided, or at least consumed in moderation include soft drinks, chocolates, tinned milk and processed meat,” suggests Neerja Jain who works in Nephrology department at Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital.

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8. Pollution is to Blame As Well

According to a study by George Institute for Global Health, climate change may be accelerating the rate of chronic kidney disease caused by dehydration and heat stress. The research paper, published in Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN), suggests that a condition called heat stress nephropathy may represent a disease of neglected populations but one that may emerge as a major cause of poor kidney health in the near future.

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8 Best Buffet Restaurants in Pune: Feast On


To be honest, a buffet is not my first port of call when I want to dine out; I find the choice overwhelming, the items repetitive, and the quality of the food unpredictable. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and the buffet is no exception. Pune offers up some exceptional buffet options, and I’ve written about a few below. They’re great places to hit up when you’re with a large group of people – there’s sure to be something to please everyone! Opinions and tastes will vary of course (my friend screamed at me for leaving out Barbeque Nation) but hopefully everyone will find something to enjoy in this list. Kind of like a buffet! So here you go, in no particular order:8 Best Buffet Restaurants in Pune: Feast On

1. Feast – Le Meridien, Sassoon Road

Le Meridien’s all day dining restaurant, Feast, offers a swathe of delightful dishes as part of a buffet service, ranging from Indian and South East Asian (Thai, Chinese and Malay) to Mediterranean and European fare. The food is a happy mix of traditional favourites (such as paneer tikka and shawarma) and more unusual fare such as spatzle and meshwi grill. If I had one word of advice, I would suggest making a beeline for the desserts; they keep changing, but I haven’t had a bad one yet.

Price for Two: Rs. 2000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 66411111


Image Credits: Zomato

2. Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Koregaon Park

It’s easy to fall in love with Latitude, seeing as it is set in the salubrious environs of the Vivanta by Taj in pretty Koregaon Park. The service is unswerving in its excellence and the ambience is tasteful. Now onto the food – Latitude is not cheap, but it does offer value for money. The Sunday brunch sees Indian and Continental dishes rubbing shoulders with Chinese and is usually fairly crowded. For those unsatisfied with the buffet, an a la carte menu is available also and it has a whole section devoted to healthy drinks.

Price for Two: Rs. 2000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 30189859


Image Credits: Zomato

3. Seasonal Tastes, Westin, Koregaon Park

At Seasonal Tastes, at The Westin in Pune, you will find a buffet that is in equal parts conventional and inventive. Here, you’ll find a live barbecue counter, a Mexican counter and a host of South East Asian, European and Indian dishes – with so many different cuisines, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. Seasonal Tastes is known for its vast Sunday brunches, and the restaurant even incorporates superfoods into their repertoire for the health-conscious.

Price for Two: Rs. 2000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 30189766

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

4. Spice Kitchen, J W Marriott, Senapati Bapat Road

Spice Kitchen is J W Marriott’s chic all day dining restaurant, serving a rainbow of Indian, Continental and South East Asian dishes. My suggestion? Sample everything (it’s all delicious) but fill up on the desserts, as they come from the Marriott’s excellent bakery just next door, the Pune Baking Company. The breakfast menu is excellent, with a great variety of breads (buttery, flaky croissants anyone?). Make sure to book a table in advance though, especially for Sunday brunches, since it’s a rather popular buffet place.

Price for Two: Rs. 2000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 65602233


5. Post 91- Goldmine, Baner Road

Post 91’s Goldmine buffet is as good as its word – the eatery is done up in shades of gold (even the chairs and tables!) but the overall effect isn’t bling-y or overwhelming, but rather charming and tasteful even. Go for the Sunday brunch, because that’s when it brings out the big guns. Goldmine serves a multi-cuisine buffet that is open for lunch and dinner along with an a la carte menu. There is also a salad counter, but when I went, it was the pasta and chaat counters that were absolutely buzzing. Unfortunately, the service is somewhat sluggish.

Price for Two: Rs. 1000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 66832345

6. Sigree Global Grill, Dhole Patil Road

Sigree is a very popular Pune dining destination, popular enough to have swollen into three branches across the city (the latest one being at Amanora Mall). On Sigree’s buffet table, you will find choices aplenty- North Indian dishes, Italian, Turkish, Lebanese, a decent pasta station and a smattering of South East Asian. Although they purport to have a global menu, the Indian is definitely your best bet. They have an excellent selection of starters (go for the grills), but the star of the spread when I visited, was the biryani.

Price for Two: Rs. 1000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 8793811335

7. Exotica, Yerawada

What draws me unfailingly to Exotica is the ambience. Sitting atop a 7th floor terrace in Yerawada, this restaurant is a wonderful place to take your date, your family or your business partners. Naturally, the open air section is the most sought after (when the weather is cool), but if you choose to sit inside, you’ll have large fish tanks for company. The food offered is the usual smorgasbord of North-Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, but my suggestion is to make a beeline for the North Indian – the mutton rogan josh is out-of-this-world delicious. Its Sunday brunch is well worth the money but remember to book a table before you go – the restaurant can get pretty crowded.

Price for Two: Rs. 1000 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 30163493

8. Malaka Spice, Baner

Malaka Spice makes for a nice change from the plethora of multi-cuisine eateries that dominate the food scene in Pune. The food is not exactly ‘authentic’ South East Asian but it is certainly delicious and is suffused with spice, which makes it palatable for the Indian tongue. At Malaka Spice, the buffet is open at lunch, offering a selection of Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai and Chinese dishes. Still, in case it doesn’t cut the mustard, you can pick from its vast menu where you can choose from quirkily-named dishes such as the Top Hat (crisp rice cups stuffed with vegetables), Three Aunties and Three Grandmothers (mushroom, spinach, baby corn and carrot) and Fritturas (tempura battered chicken).

Price for Two: Rs. 1500 (plus taxes) approximately
Call: 020 30162011

Image Credits: Zomato

8 Steps to Avoid Cash Flow Problems at Your Small Business


Inadequate cash flow can cripple a small business. In fact, research shows that the insufficient management of cash flow can be pinned on as much as 82 percent of small business and start-up failure.

If you run a small business and are experiencing problems with cash flow, take a look at the advice of Fred Parrish.

Parrish  is founder and chief executive officer of The Profit Experts and creator of The Profit Beacon, a new app that provides predictive analytics to help businesses make timely and smart decisions. Parrish is also author of “The Profit Mentality”.

How to Avoid Cash Flow Problems

Parrish, aka “America’s Small Business CFO”, provided Small Business Trends the following tips on avoiding cash flow problems at your small business.

Do Appropriate Planning, Constantly

According to Parrish, the real key to avoiding a cash flow crisis is to do the appropriate planning on a constant basis.

“To accomplish this, you as the business owner/manager must look at the profit and loss (P&L) and any other non-operational items (or circumstances) that specifically affect cash flow,” Parrish advises.

Take the Appropriate Steps to Manage Profit and Loss

Small business owners must take the appropriate steps to manage P&L. This includes, says Parrish, being “realistic about upcoming revenue opportunities and the timing of when they will be realized.”

Part of a solid profit and loss management strategy should include performing an analysis of all costs (direct and indirect) and how they are driven by revenue or other activity in the business.8 Steps to Avoid Cash Flow Problems at Your Small Business

According to Parrish, the “appropriate staffing level for the different stages of the company should also be determined” to help small businesses manage profit and loss adequately and help prevent running into cash flow problems.

A monthly forecast for at least one year should also be developed says Parrish, “starting with the line items in accounting reports.”

Create a Forecast for Future Cash Streams

Parrish also advises small business owners to create a forecast of future cash stream, “preferably weekly.”

“Developing an understanding about when revenues can be collected” is part of a comprehensive and effective cash flow, he says.

Think About the Timing of All Operational Cash Payments

Are you always aware of the timing cash disbursements will be made? It is wise for small business owners to, as Parrish says, “determine the timing of all operational cash disbursements.

Other disbursements should also be identified, such as owner distributions, principal payments on debt and capital expenditures.

Parrish advises small business owners to subtract the disbursements from the receipts to determine cash balances for each future period.

“Update the information as conditions change in the business or the market that will influence the outcomes to maintain a realistic view of the future,” he told Small Business Trends.

Carry out a Comparative Analysis

According to Parrish, small businesses must do a comparative analysis (compare the actual results to the forecast) to determine where the company is not performing as expected, in order to gain a better understanding about what actions should be taken to ensure an optimal outcome.

Parrish warns that: “No forecast is perfect and you can always come back to adjust any items that look to be incorrect. This will not be as painful as it sounds. Start with what information you have and refine the process over time.”

Focus on Proactive Planning

The veteran CFO and author also told Small Business Trends that proactive planning is the key to avoiding a cash flow crisis and the symptoms  or warning signs.

According to Parrish, small businesses can avert running into a cash flow crisis by proactive planning and avoiding the following:

Cash Discounts Being Missed

The returns on cash discounts far exceed most returns on any other use of cash.

Vendors Being Stretched Beyond Normal Payment Terms

Parrish warns small business owners: “If this situation is allowed to persist for too long it will irreparably damage these relationships and could impede the business from acquiring the necessary items to operate.”

Late Fees Being Incurred on Lease Payments or Trade Accounts

“In a similar way as cash discounts, the effect of these penalties can far exceed the normal costs of traditional financing arrangements,” says Parrish.

Age of Your Accounts Receivables Increasing or Increased Difficulty in Collecting Accounts

Unfortunately, most managers do not attempt to manage A/R with more than a passing thought until there is a problem with cash or a question arises regarding the validity of the recorded balances, Parrish says.

“You must have a sustained effort to manage A/R in place at all times. Uncover any issues that impair the ability to collect all amounts billed and develop a plan for working through each to a successful conclusion,” says Parrish.

He says this plan should include:

  • Billing promptly and as often as possible.
  • Collecting all payments as and when due.
  • Eliminating all barriers to payment at the outset.
  • Providing all documentation necessary to facilitate payment at the beginning of the process.
  • Aggressively following up on overdue invoices.
  • Not working only the old accounts. (If you focus only on the older accounts, you ensure that you will always have older accounts. Working the more current accounts allows you to collect them before they become old.)
  • Staying on top of the situation.

Parrish advises all small business owners ask themselves:

“Who would you pay first — a vendor who is sending invoices on a consistent schedule with full supporting documentation who is very diligent in contacting you to determine the status of a timely payment, or a company that sends invoices from time to time with little explanation and no follow up?”

Increase Scrutiny of Operating Expenses

There are numerous reasons why a business owner will incur debt. Most are perfectly valid. However, there are times when business owners will take on debt in the hope that it will buy enough time to repair a damaged business or to prop up an inability to gain revenue traction in a particular market.

To avoid this, Parrish advises:

“Increase scrutiny of operating expenses, liquidation of under-performing assets or outdated inventory, and carry out an unbiased evaluation of staffing requirements”.

Avoid Filing Delays in Deposits of Payroll or Other Taxes

Parrish says filing delays in deposits of payroll and other taxes should be avoided at all costs.

“The penalties can be severe,” he sats. “Once this path is taken, it’s a dangerous slippery slope.”

Are you a small business owner who has successfully overcome cash flow problems? Is so, share your experiences of running into, avoiding and overcoming issues related to small business cash flow.


8 Interesting Restaurants In Khan Market You Must Try

Set in the heart of South Delhi, Khan Market is every foodie and shopper’s dream come true. A hub of top brands, designer boutiques, upscale jewelers and artisans throng Khan Market, making it the place to head to for picking exquisite items. But that’s not all, it is also one of the most preferred markets in Delhi to catch up with friends and let your hair down. Cozy and quaint or grand and quirky, Khan Market is packed with umpteen bar and restaurants to fill you with the much needed zest. Here are our top picks –

1. Mamagoto

One of the most sought after Pan-Asian restaurant in town, Mamagoto packs some of the most lip-smacking East Asian and Oriental delights. The quirky ambience is an added bonus. Mamagoto literally translates to “playing with food” in Japanese. This ‘play’ of flavours stand out in all the dishes offered by the restaurant. One has to try their Thai Crispy Vegetables, Kungpao Chicken, Coal Fried Egg-Plant and Tempura Shrimp.

Where: 53, 1st Floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For two: INR 1800

2.The Chatter House

The Chatter House is all that the name suggests and more. The cozy interiors lined with vintage photographs and journal, bricked walls and lamps would instantly want to make you indulge in an easy round of chatter with your friends and loved ones. And to make the experience even more intimate is its interesting restaurant and bar menu. From picking quick bites like Potato Wedges, Peri Peri Chicken and Pork Ribs to a lavish Indian and Italian main course spread, The Chatter House’s extensive menu is sure to impress.8 Interesting Restaurants In Khan Market You Must Try

Where: 58, 1st & 2nd Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 1900

3.Smokehouse Deli

Smoke House Deli in Khan Market is the second outlet of the branch in Delhi after its original in Connaught Place. The quaint vintage space lined with ink sketches on the plush white walls is a sight in itself. Do try their extensive breakfast menu (available all through the day) containing the likes of cereals, granola chunks with honey, seasonal fruits, stuffed omelet, salmon and wasabi. The mains and appetisers don’t disappoint either. Sautéed Tenderloin Lamb Stroganoff , Herb Crusted Lamb Chops, Pan Seared Salmon and House Spiced Smoked Chicken are a must try.

Where: 17, 1st Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 1800

4. Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Known primarily for an exquisite range of wines, coffee and cocktails, Perch packs some of the best salads, soups, and small bites as well. Try their Chicken and Cheddar Melted Gougeres, Norwegian Salmon, Spicy Pork Sausages and Grilled Asparagus with Couscous and Sauce Vierge.

Where: 71, 1st Floor, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 2000

5. Big Chill

Ever since its establishment in 2000, Big Chill has continued to be the most popular haven for the sweet and savoury cravings. Renowned for its lip-smacking pastas and sinful desserts, Big Chill fans are only growing in number each passing day. Amongst the ‘must haves’ here are the Chicken Pasta with Piri Piri Sauce, the veggie Penne Primavera, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mississippi Mud Pie and the Belgian Chocolate Shake.

Where: 68-A, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 1500

6.Wok In the Clouds

The upscale urban and chic décor coupled with an interesting Oriental-Indian-Continental spread, Wok in the Clouds is all about good quality food and versatility. Try their Coconut Kulfi, Orange and Coriander Mojito, Prawns in Ginger Garlic Sauce, Vegetarian Schezuan Treasure and Sliced Chicken in Black Bean Sauce and head home with a sweet smile.

Where: Shop 52, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 2000

7. Town Hall

If the bright and peppy ambience doesn’t fill your heart with joy, trust  the delicious range of Town Hall’s sushis and dim sums to do the trick for you. The highlighting feature of the restaurant has to be its Sushi Bar, curating some of the best combinations of sushi like Mixed Vegetable Tempura, Roch Shrimp Tempura in Sriracha, Yellow Tail Jalepeno in Wasabi Soy and others. The lip-smacking appetisers like Filipino Barbeque Pork  Belly, Tofu Steak and Crispy Lamb are worth their penny too.

Where: 60-61, Near Dayal Opticals, Middle Circle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 2500

8. Mr. Choy

Mr.Choy is a cosy cafe buzzing with quirky birdcage, interesting lamps and paintings. With a menu showcasing an interesting range of bao , sushi and dumplings, Mr. Choy is garnering quite some attention for its flavourful Oriental and Pan-Asian delicacies. One must try the Assorted Dim Sum Snack Bowl, Filipino and Chinese Style Thin Noodles with Black Bean Sauce, Belgian Pork Belly Bao in Barbeque Sauce, Pork Dumplings and more!

Where: 15, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost For Two: INR 1300