5 Cameras That Will Help You Make 2017 Memorable


2016 was a fabulous year for Indian travellers. They moved out of their comfort zones, chased real experiences and embraced the unknown. And now as we welcome 2017, it’s time to set new expectations, achieve new goals and visit new places. So here are 5 cool cameras that will definitely turn moments into memories.

1. Hover Camera
If 2017 is the year when you intend to take the plunge (literally), then go for this! Cliff jumping isn’t for the faint-hearted, so if you muster up the courage, then here’s the gizmo that will make you remember the moment forever. Play it on loop, all year round. It’s the perfect piece of tech that’s easy to use, pack and unveil – all in all, the best and most reasonable flying camera in town.

2. DJI Phantom 4 
Turning 30 and don’t know how to celebrate? Easy peasy. The DJI Phantom 4 is the perfect gift for you or your beloved. The good news is that it captures amazing 4K footage with a respectable battery life; the bad news is the price. Then again, it’s the big 30, make it count!

3. Photo Jojo Lenses
Have you been going through the looking-down syndrome? Photo Jojo lenses will help you master the art of optical perfection in 2017.You can strap this wonder piece to almost all smartphones and get clicking in minutes. It has a wide variety of lenses to choose from – wide, macro, fisheye, super fisheye, telephoto and a polarizer, phone-photography made easy.


4. Samsung Galaxy S7
D-SLRs are not your cup of tea? Smartphones come to your rescue. This one specifically helps the photographer in you. It not only takes beautiful pictures in the day but also takes care of the low light memories, because life is not lived only during the day.

5. Polaroid Instax 70
For all the selfie crazies who were struggling to ace it with the Polaroid, the latest model is what you’ve been searching for. The lens comes with a small mirror adjacent to it, so you can work that selfie right! Another add-on is the automatic exposure control so you don’t end up looking like vampires, some of the other features that are worth mentioning are the self-timer, tripod socket and hi-key mode.



Easter Bunny 2017: Significance and Celebration!

Easter Sunday is here and it brings along happiness and cheer. A significant celebratory day for Christians all over the world, Easter Sunday is known as the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Scripture, Jesus rose from the dead or came back to life three days after being crucified. It is marked as Jesus’ victory over death. The crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated on Good Friday, which is the Friday right before Easter. Easter falls anywhere between March 22 and April 25 every year. It is always celebrated on Sunday, immediately following the Paschal Full Moon.

Easter Bunny- Significance

Easter is celebrated as it signifies the rebirth of Jesus. His resurrection symbolises the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. There are different connotations as to why we involve bunny and eggs in the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. It is believed that Victorians were the first ones to adapt this tradition of making satin covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter treats, though nobody knows why. However, the story of the Easter bunny and eggs is thought to have become popular in the 15th century. And the reason will amaze you!

Rabbits usually give birth to a lot of babies (kits or kittens), which symbolises a new life, connecting it to the new life of Jesus after he was crucified. Interestingly, this led to the traditions of making nests for the rabbits to lay their eggs. Eventually, nests became the decorative baskets and colorful eggs were replaced by candies, gifts and treats.

easter delicacy

Traditional Easter Bunny Origin

The traditional Easter Bunny in ancient German denotes a rabbit bringing eggs, judging children’s behaviour and offering candies, eggs and gifts on the day. These bunnies traditionally were made as a cake but in modern times are made with chocolates filled with surprise gifts along with Easter eggs.

Another folklore goes as “spring is the season of rebirth and renewal”. Plants return to life after winter dormancy and many animals mate and procreate. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals to celebrate this renewal of life and promote fertility. One of these festivals was in honour of Eostre or Eastre, the goddess of dawn, spring and fertility near and dear to the hearts of the pagans in Northern Europe. Eostre was closely linked to the hare and the egg, both symbols of fertility.

Celebration Time!

A lot of churches start Easter celebrations right at midnight, on Easter Eve. The churches are decorated with flowers and candles are lit all over. While the candles are a remembrance that Jesus is the light of the world and when he rose from the dead, he got everyone rid of the darkness of evil; the flowers represent new life or rebirth. Priests love to wear their new robes in celebration of the newly born Jesus.

Kids love to paint the eggs and decorate them in and around their homes. Then there’s the iconic Easter egg hunt that adds a fun element for the kids while the adults wine and dine with family and friends over a nice brunch on Sunday.

Traditional Easter Bunny Cake
Recipe by Chef Vivek Chauhan- Pastry Chef, The Imperial New Delhi

easter bunny


  • Butter – 200 gm
  • Sugar -180 gm
  • Eggs – 4
  • Milk- 20 ml
  • Baking Powder – 5 gm


  1. Mix flour and baking powder and sieve.
  2. Blend cream, butter and sugar in an electric mixer.
  3. Add egg at regular intervals in the mixture
  4. Add milk to the above mix.
  5. Fold flour in the above mix.
  6. Pour the batter in the moulds and bake at 170 C for 15-18 min.
  7. Decorate with icing.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Recipe
Recipe by Chef Vivek Chauhan- Pastry Chef, The Imperial New Delhi

easter bunny


  • Dark chocolate – 500 gm
  • Metallic Colour – 5 gm


  1. Temper the dark chocolate for casting the bunny mould.
  2. Fill in the chocolate into the two halves.
  3. Refrigerate for few hours to set and demould.
  4. Heat up the marble top with the blowtorch.
  5. Rub your chocolate halves on the marble top to remove the excess chocolate from corners.
  6. Carefully join the two ends and allow it to set.
  7. Brush with the metallic colour.


Technology is transforming societies more deeply than the political vibrations of 2017


Official posters of the candidates for the 2017 French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, left, head of the political movement En Marche!, or Onwards!, and Marine Le Pen, of French National Front (FN), are displayed in Saint-Josse, northern France May 5, 2017.

Credit: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

On Sunday, French voters will choose between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron — politicians with radically different visions. Macron is for globalization and European integration. Le Pen is a nationalist, representing the kind of discontent that led to ‘Brexit’ and the Trump election.

It’s a stark choice, but the outcome may actually be less important to the future of Western democracy than, well, the screen you’re reading this on.

That’s because the epochal change created by technology is transforming societies more deeply than the political vibrations of 2017. That’s according to David Rothkopf, CEO of Foreign Policy and author of “The Great Questions of Tomorrow.” He says it’s easy to miss the bigger picture.

“Facebook’s goal is five billion members by 2030. That will be the biggest community ever,” says Rothkopf. “On a level of power, we have to acknowledge that Facebook is going to be significantly more influential in the world, and touch more lives, than all but a couple of nations.”

Facebook now has 1.94 billion users, according to an earnings report released this week. The company also said it plans to hire 3,000 new employees to manage and screen all its content. That would bring its global team to 7,500 people. Getting to five billion users depends on people all over the world buying mobile devices.

Mark Zuckerberg may not be in public office, but he wields a lot of social and economic power, Rothkopf says. Not only does Facebook profit from its users, it also has the power to knit them together, and apply algorithms to decide the news they read. Facebook can also share information about them with governments, corporations and other non-state actors. Not to mention, decide what is acceptable speech and advertising.

And how does Facebook’s power compare to, say, President Donald Trump’s?

“I would argue that the reason we have the president we do is that someone, somewhere, wrote an algorithm that said, ‘Stories with the following characteristic will appear at the top of a news feed.’ Somewhere there’s an algorithm writer with a heck of a lot of power who is not accountable to any public institution or been anticipated by any system of law,” says Rothkopf.

Much was made of Trump’s first 100 days. It’s a classic, journalistic yardstick. And there’s worthwhile debate about what the first months of the Trump Administration can tell us about the next four to eight years. But what about longer term? Rothkopf says we keep looking backwards.

“We’ve spent the last 20 to 30 years looking backward at the last threats of the 20th century … instead of a change in the world on an epochal scale, like the fact that in the next 10 years or so every human being on the planet is going to be connected in a manmade system for the first time in history, which means anyone, anywhere can reach out and touch and communicate with anyone anywhere else, anytime. And that does change: ‘Who am I? What is community? What is a government? What is an economy? What is money? What is war? What is peace? It changes the answer to all of those questions.”

This story first aired as an interview on PRI’s To The Point with Warren Olney.


The 16 best big cities for starting a business in 2017


Salt Lake City is one of the best places to start a new business, thanks in part to an abundance of investors and workers.Aqua Mechanical/Flickr

Entrepreneurship is a fixture of the 21st century iteration of the American Dream. Today, about 10% of the US labor force works for themselves, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, it’s no easy task to get a business off the ground. In many cases, the state of a local economy can greatly affect your chance of success.

In it’s latest report, WalletHub determined the best places for launching a business based on three categories:

  • Business environment (50-point weight): five-year business survival rate, length of the average work week, startups per capita, average growth of business revenues, and average growth in the number of small businesses, industry variety, and entrepreneurship index.Salt Lake City
  • Access to resources (25-point weight): venture investment per capita, financing accessibility, share of college-educated population, prevalence of investors, high-education assets, human capital availability, and working-age population growth.
  • Business costs (25-point weight): office-space affordability, labor costs, corporate taxes, and cost of living.

A total of 18 metrics were gathered for each of the 150 most populated US cities. WalletHub then calculated the total score — the highest of which was a 56.85 — for each city based on its weighted average across all metrics to determine the final ranking (read the full methodology here).

Cities in the Midwest and the South proved to be the best places to start a business in 2017. Below, check out the top-16 cities, along with their total score and individual rankings for business environment, access to resources, and business costs.


Young Thug Performs “Digits,” “Lifestyle” and More at 2017 Rolling Loud Festival


Miami is the place to be right now as the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival has been jumping all weekend. Some major shows have popped off over the last few days and the party is still going down.

Yesterday, Young Thug hit the Monster Energy stage in front of a packed crowd and did his thing. Thugger had one of the more laid back sets of the evening. There wasn’t a lot of jumping around on stage or crowd surfing. The Atlanta rapper pretty much let his catalog get the crowd riled.

Rocking a white jogging suit, Thug walked back and forth on the stage performing a range of cuts from different projects including “Digits,” “Lifestyle,” “With That,” “About the Money” and more. He also broke out the Travis Scott collab, “Pick Up the Phone.”@theinfamousjc

The second day of RL3 was just as litty as Friday’s pop off, with performances from Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Wifisfuneral, Ski Mask The Slump God, Denzel Curry, Run The Jewels, XXXTentacion and more. XXX left his mark with a super live set that featured him performing his song “Look at Me,” and moshing in the crowd. After closing Coachella a couple weeks back, K. Dot put on a show at Day 2 of RL3, performing hits from all his projects. See pics of yesterday’s action here.

Peep some photos of Thugger performing at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival, as well as footage from his set, below.


Chennai students bag third place at UK-India Social Innovation Challenge 2017

Students of Chennai-based Loyola Institute of Business Administration have won the third spot in the recently held UK-India Social Innovation Challenge 2017 for their project that can provide clean water to villages affected by fluoride contamination.

The challenge was a UK-India Social Entrepreneurship Education Network (UKISEEN) initiative and witnessed a total of 50 submissions by students from universities throughout the United Kingdom and India. Eight Indian projects were shortlisted among the top 10.

The challenge was to propose a business model for a social enterprise that could tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No 6: Clean water and sanitation.

Claire Scott from UK-based Cranfield University won the top prize and her project A BCD Egg focused on reducing the risk of using unsafe drinking water. The first runner-up was University of Southampton’s Alexandre Beardshall for ‘Juamaji’, an Enactus Southampton project providing a reliable source of water and fish using solar distillation to communities in Kenya and Malawi.

A cash prize of £1,500, £1,000 and £500 was awarded to the first, second and third place holders respectively. Scott will also receive a 6-month mentorship from members of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – CII’s director and head-UK Shuchita Sonalika, deputy high commissioner of India to the UK Dinesh Patnaik and head of European and Global Engagement, Innovate UK, David Golding.

The project of the team from Loyola focused on two solutions – providing domestic water filter based solutions and providing defluoridated water for agricultural and irrigational purposes using fly ash as the raw material. The team was supported by their institute as well as the Chennai Water Board.

“It was a great experience for the team, we got the exposure which has heightened our confidence in our purpose. Our success has given us the hope to implement this project on a commercial scale now,” Monica M, one of the 6 students from the Loyola, said.

This was the first competition launched by UKISEEN with the aim to find, fund and support innovative and sustainable solutions to the global problem of providing clean water and sanitation.

It was a collaboration between the Social Impact Lab at the UK-based University of Southampton, the Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, the open innovation platform Babele, the British Council and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“The UK-India Social Innovation Challenge shows how our two countries can work shoulder to shoulder to tackle the pressing challenges of our age. Clean water and sanitation is an urgent problem for our world, and through this challenge, we hope to find some game-changing innovations which can improve the lives of millions,” Pathik , director of Social Enterprise at the University of Southampton and the founding director of its Social Impact Lab, said.

The challenge was open from January 17 to February 24 and students could participate in the competition either as an individual or in a team.


Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology in 2017


A growing number of small businesses rely on technology to increase efficiency, manage expenses, grow profitability and improve performance.

According to SMB Group’s 2015 SMB Routes to Market Study (PDF), 29 percent of all small businesses view technology as helping them to improve outcomes significantly.

Keeping up with the fast pace of technological change can be difficult for the business owner already burdened with the many tasks required to keep his or her company afloat day in and day out.

To help, Small Business Trends compiled this list of nine technology categories that small businesses need to incorporate as principle applications in 2017.

They cross a broad range of functions, including mobile, marketing automation, business intelligence and social media. Some represent newer technologies while others are more established. Together, they encompass nearly everything a small business would need to gain a competitive edge in 2017 and beyond.

1. Massive Growth Makes Mobile a ‘Must-have’ Technology

Perhaps no technology has gained greater adoption or grown more quickly than mobile.

In 2016, more than six billion people worldwide used at least one mobile device, a number that is expected to increase to nearly seven billion by 2020.

Also significant, SimilarWeb’s State of Mobile Web US 2015 report found that approximately 56 percent of consumer traffic to the leading U.S. websites came from mobile devices.

That makes mobile a “must have” technology in 2017, and businesses should incorporate its use in at least four ways: Website design, apps, payment and use of all-in-one devices.

Mobile-friendly Websites

With more and more people accessing the web via mobile, small businesses can no longer avoid making a mobile-friendly version of their website available to consumers, for two reasons:

  • Bing now rewards more mobile-friendly websites with an increase in ranking;
  • Companies that lack a mobile version of their website could lose business as consumers opt for those that do.Checklist of Essential Small Business Technology in 2017

(Note: Bing even offers a testing tool to help business owners determine whether or not their website is mobile-friendly.)

Mobile Apps

In his Small Business Trends article “Mobile App Strategies Boost Revenues for Small Business Owners,” Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University, wrote, “In an increasingly mobile world, having a well-developed and well-tested mobile app turns out to be a highly effective marketing strategy that gets results.”

In the past, mobile app development required someone with specialized skills. Nowadays, platforms such as Microsoft PowerApps allow non-technical users to create apps easily, so there is no excuse to do without this important technology.

Payment Methods

The use of mobile payments is on the rise, thanks to apps such as Microsoft Wallet, so it makes sense to incorporate their use as an option. Also, companies like Microsoft partner Merchant Account Solutions have made mobile credit card readers readily available to small business users.

All-in-one Devices

Another aspect of mobile technology moving forward has to do with what constitutes a mobile device versus its desktop counterpart. That line is blurring thanks to devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, a 3-in-1 desktop, laptop and mobile tablet. It also comes with pen and touch screen capability, a new innovation.

2. Marketing Automation Increases Efficiency

Marketing automation software has made it easier for small businesses to conduct marketing activities with greater efficiency, removing the need to hire dedicated marketing professionals.

Among its advantages are the ability to score leads, segment messages and set up processes that trigger specific responses based on actions taken by the customer.

Also, automation software links seamlessly with CRM platforms, bringing marketing and sales together, providing each with a 360-degree view of the customer or prospect.

CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 do much of the heavy lifting that previously would have been handled using manual processes.

3. Businesses are Heading to the Cloud (and Not Coming Back)

The use of on-premise software and hardware is going the way of the albatross with the availability of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, and for good reason. Cloud-based solutions offer greater scalability, security, efficiency and flexibility regarding access than their on-premise counterparts.

(Read the Small Business Trends article “Thinking About Migrating Your Business to the Cloud? Consider This Checklist First” to learn more about why moving to the cloud is a must for 2017.)

4. Collaboration Tools Bring Remote Workforce Together

The rise of the virtual workforce means that tools which facilitate collaboration will grow in popularity.

A 2015 survey conducted by Virgin Media Business predicted that 60 percent of office-based workers would regularly work from home by 2022.

Platforms such as Microsoft Teams make collaboration between disparate work groups more accessible and efficient. Teams establishes a virtual, chat-based workspace that allows team members to chat, call, save documents and collaborate in real-time, without restraint.

5. Chatbots Facilitate Customer Service, Other Uses

A significant shift is taking place in Internet communications due to the advent of chatbots, computer programs that use artificial intelligence to facilitate conversation with humans.

Companies large and small are beginning to latch on to the power of chatbots for customer service and other uses, such as finding products, providing shipping notifications, pinpointing business locations and more.

Internet communications pioneer Jeff Pulver declared in a blog post that 2017 will be the year of the chatbot and said they would be the “new interface for business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to business communications.”

Technologies like Microsoft’s Bot Framework let companies build and connect bots to interact with users not only on Facebook Messenger but also on websites, text/SMS, Skype, Office 365 mail, Teams and other services.

6. Business Intelligence Brings Better Decision-making

Business intelligence (BI) used to be the sole purview of enterprise corporations. However, the software-as-a-service revolution means that small businesses can now afford to tap into the treasure trove of information available with the click of a mouse too.

The capabilities BI provides to track, store, process and analyze data can lead to smarter decision-making regarding cutting expenses, finding new business growth opportunities and improving overall performance.

Platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint make garnering insights more affordable and make it easier to harness the power of big data and predictive analytics.

7. Email Remains Tried-and-True Marketing Technology

Email is a tried-and-true internet marketing technology in use since the 1990s. Despite predictions to the contrary, it continues to find favor as a cost-effective promotional medium for small businesses. In fact, email marketing was ranked as the best channel regarding return on investment — a trend that should not change in 2017.

What will change, however, is the approach. Marketers will do away with “batch and blast” for more targeted messaging that takes into account the unique needs of each customer.

Also, “mobile-first” will be the mantra in 2017 when it comes to designing email campaigns. With more people accessing email via mobile devices, messages have to ascribe to the limitations imposed by mobile devices with their small screens. Marketing solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also help develop email marketing campaigns to target specific customers.

8. Live Chat Provides Real-time Customer Service

In 2017, successful companies will shift their focus away from customer service to customer success — helping customers reach their goals as quickly as possible. They will do so online, using a variety of digital technologies that include text/SMS, social media, chat bots and live help. Platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service facilitate such omnichannel support.

One component, live help, has been in use for several years. The technology remains a familiar one. A widget resides in the lower-right-hand corner of the website with an agent on standby who can engage with customers in real-time at the moment of need, to answer questions, provide guidance and recommend products or resources tailored to the individual customer.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI), a prevalent trend, will make live help smarter, transforming customer support into a self-service mechanism. AI will work seamlessly with customers and learn from them as the interaction progresses. It can also assist human agents by giving them time to address more complex issues that AI alone cannot solve.

9. Cyber Security Ranked Number One Challenge

As small business reliance on technology grows, the need to secure and protect sensitive information becomes even more critical. The SMB Group study referenced above found that small businesses rank cyber security as their number one challenge.

Meeting that challenge requires the use of holistic, end-to-end, rules-based solutions. Microsoft builds such comprehensive security into all its cloud-based products, to protect a company’s endpoints better, detect threats faster and respond to security breaches quicker. It prevents identity compromise, secures apps and data and safeguards infrastructure.


The Best Health Tech 2017: Gadgets That Make You Fit And Healthy (Updated)

The ubiquity of fitness-tracking technology in recent years has meant people are generally becoming more conscious about their health.

Increasing mainstream availability of sensors on wearables such as smartwatches – that are able to give us better feedback about what’s happening in our bodies – means more of us are discovering insights into our health and looking at how we can improve it. But with so many health-improving gizmos on the market, it’s not easy separating those that are truly beneficial from those that are nothing more than a gimmick.

With that, I’ve picked out the best health tech to improve your general wellbeing, and listed them via the area of your health they will improve. (If you’re looking for the best tech to track your fitness, head over to my Best Wearable Tech And Fitness Gadgets roundup.)

Lower blood pressure: Omron Evolv

Available for $89 (US) and £129 (UK), from Boots

Te Omron Evolv lets you check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime


Te Omron Evolv lets you check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime

The Omron Evolv is a clinically-validated wireless blood pressure monitor that is light enough to take anywhere with you, while also being super easy to use. The device lets you easily measure, record and share your blood pressure data with your family or doctor using an app. It is also really well designed, which I was pleasantly surprised about considering its function. Using an heart health algorithm, called Advanced Accuracy, the device measures more data points and eliminates interference from movement for more precise, clinically-accurate readings. It also lets you easily measure, record and share your blood pressure data with your family or doctor using the Omron Connect App.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the Evolv is one of my favourite health gadgets, mainly because it works so effortlessly while giving very accurate results, displayed simply in a well-designed app.

Lose weight:  QardioBase 

Available for $129.99 (US) and £129.22 (UK), from Amazon

Keep tabs on your weight and body composition with QardioBase smart scales


Keep tabs on your weight and body composition with QardioBase smart scales

Smart scales are by no means anything new, but the QardioBase scales takes weighing yourself to a whole new level. As well as weighing you, the connected scales will check your heart rate, water percentage, body fat, bone mass and muscle mass and keep a record of all this so you can compare your vitals over time. Accurately measures body weight, body composition (including body fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass) and body mass index (BMI). Working with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung S Health, the scales connect to the free Qardio App for iOS, Kindle, and Android, allowing users to share data easily and set goals and reminders to achieve goals.

Better yet, the smart scales can also distinguish your measurements from someone else’s, meaning everyone in your household can share them.

Cleaner lungs: Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Available for $99.99 (US) and £89.99 (UK), from Amazon

Check how clean the air in your home is with Netatmo's latest healthy home gadget


Check how clean the air in your home is with Netatmo’s latest healthy home gadget

If you live in a big city, chances are the air that you breathe on a daily basis could be doing damage to your health. All cities have pockets, with some areas that are worse than others. How would you know if this bad air, caused by pollution, is having an affect on the place you spend your most time: your home? This is where Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach comes in. It detects air quality level, humidity, temperature and noise at home , and gives advice on how to create a healthier environment.

You can also connect multiple healthy home coaches to your smartphone to monitor several rooms.

Better Digestion: Philips Avance centrifugal Juicer

Available for $299.99 (US) and ££177.45 (UK), from Amazon

Go on a digestive cleanse whenever you feel the need with Philips' Avance juicer


Go on a digestive cleanse whenever you feel the need with Philips’ Avance juicer

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients in helping us prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, some cancers, and also improve digestive health. However, many people don’t get enough fiber. One way of ensuring you do is with a simple to use juicer such as Philips’ Avance. The juicer has FiberBoost technology, which enables you to choose the texture of juice you prefer, selecting with the switch of a button from a refreshing clear juice to a more creamy juice with up to 50% more fiber.

It’s also super easy to clean, meaning you’re more likely to keep up the juicing and not hide the appliance in the back of your cupboard once the novelty wears off.

Healthier heart: AliveCor Kardia Band

Coming soon in the US and available for £199 (UK), from AliveCor

The Kardia band could save your life if your ticker is prone to heart problems


The Kardia band could save your life if your ticker is prone to heart problems

If you’ve already got yourself an Apple Watch but you’re particularly worried about your ticker and want to step the heart-rate monitoring level up a gear, then the Karida Band is a good choice.

It’s essentially a medical grade heart monitoring Apple Watch strap by Silicon Valley health tech company AliveCor, but what makes it special is its electrocardiogram (EKG) tech that is designed to pick up palpitations, shortness of breath and other reasons for concern which could increase the risk of a stroke. This is a must-buy for any Apple Watch user even slightly worried about their heart as it’s already been proven to pick up vital signs of heart-related problems  in several users, even heart attacks.

Cleaner lungs: Wair smart scarf

Coming soon

Block out city air pollution without looking like a surgeon with Wair's subtle smart scarf


Block out city air pollution without looking like a surgeon with Wair’s subtle smart scarf

Combining textile with tech can have heaps of health benefits, it seems. Take this smart scarf, for instance which claims to be the world’s first anti-pollution scarf. Called Wair, it keeps your lungs cleaner without compromising on fashion. Developed by a French start-up named Clausette.cc, it’s especially beneficial for cyclists, or those that live in a cold city where air pollution is a big concern. In addition to filtering harmful pollutants, the fashionable wraparound is connected to an app that provides real time air quality updates.

Measure fever: Withings Thermo

Available for $99.95 (US) and £89.95 (UK), from withings

The Thermo gives you accurate results on your fever so you know just how ill you really are


The Thermo gives you accurate results on your fever so you know just how ill you really are

Just when you thought they couldn’t make anything else connected, Withings goes and makes a connected thermometer, allowing you to keep track of that fever. And like the Body Cardio scales, the digital thermometer links to your Withings account via the app and keeps tabs on your temperature over time. With 16 infrared sensors taking 4,000 measurements, it’s accuracy is a game changer for anyone who often falls ill.

Better nutrition: Huel Complete Food

Available for £45 (UK) for 28 meals, from Huel

Why eat when you can drink yourself to a healthier body? Huel is a powdered drink with all the nutrients you'd ever need


Why eat when you can drink yourself healthier? Huel is a powdered drink with all the nutrients you’d ever need

Okay so it’s not strictly a health “gadget”, but plenty of technology went into making Huel a thing. Offering a nutritionally complete meal in powdered form, Huel can be dissolved into water to give you all the 26 essential nutrients needed to live a healthy balanced lifestyle on a daily basis.

How? It’s made from real food such as milled down oats which are high in fibre, releasing energy slowly to prevent snacking in-between meals. Due to the ingredients list of Huel, the company says you could theoretically live off it 100 per cent of the time. I say theoretically because I can promise the severe cravings for real food would make this easy to do.

Injury recovery: FireFly

Available from $35 (US) and £27 (UK), at FireFly

FireFly will help you recover from previous injuries without you even realizing


FireFly will help you recover from previous injuries without you even realizing

Firefly is a wearable that helps accelerate sports recovery after exercise and minor injury. It’s portable, has no leads or wires, and is worn behind the knee. Once attached, it delivers painless electrical impulses to gently activate the muscles of the lower leg to increase blood circulation.

Used by athletes at all levels, such as British Olympic triathlete Vicky Holland, FireFly is clinically proven to aid sports recovery, with benefits including the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise, aiding the recovery from a sprain or strain and reducing swelling.

Walking aid: Dring SmartCane

Available from September 2017

Proof that anything can be 'smart' these days, Dring's smartcane is a game changer for those that need assistance when walking


Proof that anything can be ‘smart’ these days, the Dring smartCane is a game changer for those that need assistance when walking

Set to be one of 2017’s biggest head-turners is a device you’d not normally associate with bleeding-edge technology: a walking stick. Designed by old-school walking stick company Fayet, the SmartCane has been given a twenty first century injection with French firm Nov’in’s Dring tech, an intelligent alert system. With an accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS inside the stick, any falls can be detected and an alert with the user’s location is automatically sent to get help.

Fertility monitoring: Ava

Available for $250 (US) and £199 (UK), from Ava

The connected bracelet that helps women keep tabs on their monthly cycle


The connected bracelet that helps women keep tabs on their monthly cycle

Ava is a fertility monitoring bracelet founded in Switzerland by data scientists, experts in wearable technology, and women’s health researchers all with the aim of bringing innovation to women’s reproductive health. The bracelet is able to precisely detect a woman’s entire fertile window in real time, so they can better plan their monthly cycle.

Sleep better: ResMed S+

Available for $50 (US) and £129.95 (UK), from Amazon

The S+ is an alarm clock with a smart bonus feature; it can track your sleep without the need for wires, cables or attached wearable devices


The S+ is an alarm clock with a smart bonus feature; it can track your sleep without the need for wires, cables or attached wearable devices

The S+ is touted as “the world’s first non-contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking system”. It features patent-protected SleepSensor technology that tracks, analyzes and improves sleep at home without the need for a wearable, electrodes or mattress strips.

Sitting beside the bed like any old alarm clock, the S+ uses out-of-the-ordinary calibrated respiratory and bio-motion sensors to measure and analyse sleep stages, recording of the movements caused by the expansion and relaxation of the chest with breathing as well as body movements such as position changes, arm twitches and shrugs.

The system connects to a free iOS and Android app to record the quality of your night’s sleep and a Smart Alarm system allows users to set a window for the device to wake them up naturally when they are in light sleep, so they’ll feel more refreshed. A great health gadget if you have trouble getting up on a morning.

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Assam AHSEC HSSLC 12th Class Result 2017 To Be Declared Today At Resultsassam.nic.in


Assam AHSEC HSSLC 12th Class Result 2017 To Be Declared Tomorrow At Resultsassam.nic.in

NEW DELHI:  Ending the anxiety among the students about the results, the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) will declare the AHSEC HSSLC 12th class Result 2017 on 30 May at 10 am. The results will be available at the official website, resultsassam.nic.in. AHSEC conducted the Class 12 Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) exams for the students of Assam from 20 February – 20 March, 2017. This year, around 2.5 lakh students appeared for the Assam HSSLC/Class 12 exams. CBSE and other state board like Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab also released the class 12 results recently.

A source close to the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council said that the council is all set to release the AHSEC HSSLC 12th Result 2017 in the last week of May, i.e. 30th May.Assam AHSEC HSSLC 12th Class Result 2017 To Be Declared Tomorrow At Resultsassam.nic.in

Assam AHSEC HSSLC 12th Class Result 2017: How To Check

The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) will declare the AHSEC HSSLC 12th Result 2017 on 30 May at 10 am.  The students who are eagerly waiting for the AHSEC HSSLC Class 12 Exam may follow these steps to check result are given below:

Step one: Visit the official results website of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, resultsassam.nic.in.

Step two: Click on the result link for Higher Secondary Examination Result 2017.

Step three: Enter your examination roll number and other details

Step Four: Click on submit.

Step four: View and download your result.

The students may take a printout of the results which is showing up in the page. For official and higher education purposes, the students may need to get the official mark sheets and certificates from the concerned authorities.

Assam AHSEC HSSLC 12th Class Result 2017: Know Where To Check Marks

The AHSEC 12th Result 2017 will be published on the official website (resultsassam.nic.in) as well as on examresults.net.

Intel Unveils Drones for Advanced Pitch Analysis at ICC Champions Trophy 2017


Intel Falcon 8 Drone will perform advanced pitch analysis
Speculur BatSense will help players analyse their strokeplay
Intel also showcased VR experiences for fans at The Oval and Edgbaston
Intel on Tuesday unveiled three new technologies that will be used during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 — a major cricket tournament that begins in the United Kingdom on June 1. The new technologies announced on Tuesday are advanced pitch analysis via an Intel drone, a bat sensor powered by an Intel Curie module, and a virtual reality experience for cricket fans who visit stadiums.

The Intel Falcon 8 Drone has been equipped with infrared and HD cameras to be used for pitch analysis during Champions Trophy matches. The drone will offer data on grass cover, grass health, and topology. This will help generate daily pitch reports and commentators will use that to analyse the pitch during live broadcasts of the match on TV and over the Internet. The pitch is one of the most important aspects of cricket and it has the power to decide which way each game swings, so this analysis is likely to prove useful.Intel Unveils Drones for Advanced Pitch Analysis at ICC Champions Trophy 2017

Intel, which is the Official Innovation Partner for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, says the new bat sensor, called Speculur BatSense, can be mounted on any cricket bat and will be able to measure back-lift, bat speed, and follow through for every stroke a batsman plays. Many players will be using this during the Champions Trophy and it will allow for data such as speed of the ball after it hits the bat to be shown on TV.
Intel has plans for these sensors beyond the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. In a statement, Speculur Managing Director Atul Srivastava said, “Coaches can use their insights and expertise along with the bat sensor data to make specific adjustments to a batsman’s technique ultimately helping him perform better.” The company will bring this technology to the market later in 2017 and it will first be available in Australia, India, US, and UK.

Finally, Intel is also going to showcase VR cricket experiences at The Oval (London) and Edgbaston (Birmingham) stadiums. This is a fun experience where people will be able to play cricket in virtual reality. With a VR headset mounted, people can test their batting skills against virtual bowlers. The bat used for this will use Intel’s Curie module and offer data on people’s bat speed and back-lift, among other stats.