‘Technology can help teacher, but can never replace one’


CHENNAI: CAN an android and a smart board ever replace a great teacher in the classroom of tomorrow? Absolutely not. That’s what speakers at the gala TNIE EdEx 40 Under Forty Awards event held at Feathers on Saturday night all agreed on.

Chief guest for the evening, Supreme Court Judge Justice J Chelameswar spoke about his own teachers and the way they inspired a sense of respect in him. “The concept of a teacher as a guru is something that all of us need to understand deeply,” he said, explaining how his gurus over the years had shaped his life and approach to his profession. He also added that students needed to develop a sense of respect for teachers, something that they were not doing very well currently, as they were being misled by things that they see in movies.

Noted speakers and luminaries took part in a panel discussion to debate the relevance of teachers in an increasingly data-driven classroom – a centrepiece that was bookended by the awards presented to 40 great young teachers from across South India. They have been curated and brought down by TNIE, all of them had been featured in the anniversary edition of EdEx. The event was sponsored by Hindustan University and was supported by Cambridge English Language Assessment, Chennai Live 104.8 FM, Kalam Centre, Scholarink.com and Feathers.

While Srijan Pal Singh, CEO, Kalam Centre, pushed for an increasing need to use technology to increase the reach of education and teachers, actor and educationist Gautami stuck to her guns – driving home the point that “technology can merely be a last-mile connector, an enabler, but it can never be a teacher.”
The panel was moderated by Dr J S Rajkumar, Lifeline Hospitals who kept the tone and temper light and breezy, reflecting on how his teaching experiences have been enhanced by the use of technology.

“I remember how I recently went for a lecture and I was told some 5000 people were supposed to be there. I was surprised when I walked to find that only some 300 people were around. When I asked them, they showed me the analytics and I was surprised to find that almost 9000 people were tuned in from across the campus. Activist S P Udayakumar responded to a question  whether education would ever be provided for free in India by saying that it was a shame that we were still asking this question after 70 years of Independence.

T K Arunachalam, Cambridge English Language Assessment, stoked another feisty debate by saying that English needed to be mastered as a skill and need not be the medium of instruction – a fact that was supported by recent studies that they had conducted.


Walmart Takes Self-Service to a New Level With Giant Grocery Vending Machine


Walmart (NYSE:WMT) just developed a vending machine for groceries. And it thinks it can do the same for other retail items as well.

Walmart Self-Service Vending Machine for Groceries

The automated kiosk is currently being tested in Oklahoma City. Basically, customers purchase their groceries online. Then Walmart employees pick out the items and pack up the orders, which are then stored in a kiosk in the parking lot. When customers arrive at the kiosk to pick up their orders, they enter a code and their groceries appear in less than a minute.

This has a few different benefits for customers, including less time spent shopping and the ability to shop 24 hours a day. But it also offers plenty of potential benefits for Walmart and other businesses that plan to capitalize on this type of model.Walmart Self-Service Vending Machine for Groceries

For one, a self-service model could allow businesses to operate with considerably less staffing. It could also make businesses more competitive by offering customers those features of convenience that they value.

Walmart’s new offering is part of a larger trend of self-service kiosks and other services. Redbox, for example, has disrupted the movie rental market in a very similar way. So small businesses don’t have to sell groceries to learn something from what Walmart is doing.

There are innovative ways to offer a variety of products in creative and convenient ways. And if you’re able to come up with a system that works, you could please customers and save your business some valuable resources in the process.


NASA Unveils ‘Out of This World’ Mars Rover



  • NASA has unveiled a new Mars rover concept vehicle
  • The rover was unveiled at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • NASA’s next robotic Mars rover is set to land on the Red Planet in 2020

NASA has unveiled an “out of this world” futuristic Mars rover concept vehicle to inspire young people to want to learn more about its plans to send humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s.

While this exact rover is not expected to operate on Mars, one or more of its elements could make its way into a rover that astronauts will drive on the Red Planet, NASA scientists wrote in a blog post this week.

The rover, unveiled at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, was built by Parker Brothers Concepts of Port Canaveral, Florida, incorporating input into its design from NASA subject matter experts.

The rover operates on an electric motor, powered by solar panels and a 700-volt battery. The rover separates in the middle with the front area designed for scouting and equipped with a radio and navigation provided by the Global Positioning System.

 The back section serves as a laboratory which can disconnect for autonomous research.NASA Unveils 'Out of This World' Mars Rover

Following several weeks on display at Kennedy’s visitor complex, the Mars rover concept vehicle will be displayed at several locations, NASA said.

From July to August, it will be displayed at several locations during a tour along the East Coast.

The Mars rover concept vehicle will return to the visitor complex to be part of the new Astronaut Training Experience attraction opening in the autumn of this year, said Rebecca Shireman of the Kennedy visitor complex.

NASA’s next robotic Mars rover is set to land on the Red Planet in 2020. The Mars 2020 rover will search for signs of past microbial life and collect core samples for a potentially future return to Earth.

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Russian Rocket Returns to Service With Launch of US Satellite


The Proton rocket carried a US telecom satellite, Echostar-21
The Proton-M was successfully launched at 6:45am (0345 GMT/ 9:15am IST)
Echostar-21 will provide telecommunications services in Europe
Russia on Thursday sent into space a Proton rocket carrying a US telecom satellite, Echostar-21, the first launch in a year after an engine glitch sparked a probe into manufacturing flaws.

“The Proton-M was successfully launched at 6:45 am (0345 GMT/ 9:15am IST),” from the Baikonur cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan, the Russian space agency Roscosmos said.Russian Rocket Returns to Service With Launch of US Satellite

“All the phases went off as scheduled,” a statement said.
The Proton-M is the largest Russian carrier rocket and has been used since 1965. But it grounded Proton launches in June last year after a series of embarrassing setbacks.

Echostar-21 will provide telecommunications services in Europe and is set to be put into orbit at 1258 GMT, Roscosmos said.

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WWDC 2017: Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple TV and TV App


  • Tim Cook announced Prime Video for Apple TV
  • tvOS updates to be revealed later this year
  • Prime Video will be available on all Apple TVs

Apple kicked off its WWDC 2017 on Monday with a keynote address at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, where CEO Tim Cook announced new updates to its four key operating systems – tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS. Talking about tvOS, Apple is finally bringing Amazon Prime Video to its Apple TV, as expected.

Cook announced the company’s partnership with Amazon, which will now see the latter’s video subscription service part of Apple TV’s app catalogue. The mention was brief and Cook did not explicitly say when Prime Video will be made available, so you could see it as early as today, or with the next tvOS update, which the CEO has teased for later this year. Furthermore, Prime Video will be available on all Apple TV generations currently in production. It will also be coming to the TV app.

WWDC 2017: Amazon Prime Video Coming to Apple TV and TV App

The Apple-Amazon announcement was expected since early last month, where some media reports suggested that the Prime Video app will go live this summer. One of the reasons Amazon’s service can now be part of Apple TV could be because Apple earlier this year changed its App Store policy increasing the tvOS apps size limit from 200MB to 4GB. This means larger apps will now be supported on Apple TV.

The new deal between the two companies may also mean that Amazon will soon resume selling the Apple TV streaming player on its e-commerce properties, something it has stopped doing back in 2015 alongside the Google Chromecast as it saw both the streaming players as a direct competition to its Fire TV streaming player. Note, that this bit has not been confirmed, and was said to be part of the reported deal.


Improve Team Speed With Help From This Upcoming Webinar


How is your team speed?

Whether you’re working with just a handful of people or multiple departments, the speed at which your team is able to complete tasks can make a big impact on the success of your business. And there are plenty of tools and processes you can put in place to support those improvements.

If you’re interested in learning more about improving team speed and efficiency, an upcoming webinar may be able to help. Give Your Team What it Needs for Speed is scheduled for June 29. Learn more about the webinar and more in the Featured Events section. Then check out even more upcoming small business events in the list below.

To see a full list or to submit your own event, contest or award listing, visit the Small Business Events Calendar.

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Twitter Chat: "Voices of Small Business: How Business Owners are Confronting Today’s Challenges"Twitter Chat: “Voices of Small Business: How Business Owners are Confronting Today’s Challenges”
June 21, 2017, Online, Twitter

Join us on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm ET under the hashtag #MetLifeSmallBiz to explore how small business owners are navigating the current economic climate as well as their outlook on hiring and future business conditions. Spotlight findings will be shared by Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends (@SmallBizTrends), and MetLife (@MetLife) from the new MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index, including commentary from real business owners. Join in the discussion to receive actionable insights that will help you manage your businesses for success.

Twitter Chat: "Get Inspired in Your Business"Twitter Chat: “Get Inspired in Your Business”
June 28, 2017, Online, Twitter

Are you ready for the Microsoft Inspire event? The company’s annual partner conference is only a couple weeks away! Join Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, and Small Business expert Gene Marks on June 28, 2017 at 3pm ET (12pm PT) under the hashtag #MSBizTips for a preview of what’s coming down the pipeline for small businesses from Microsoft, and discover what you can expect to learn from the conference.

WEBINAR: Give Your Team What it Needs for SpeedWEBINAR: Give Your Team What it Needs for Speed
June 29, 2017, Online

The right technology tools and resources can help your team respond to—and stay ahead of—your competition and the market. Whether you have two employees or 100, you can always ramp up team speed. From improving processes and decision-making to boosting collaboration and providing your team with the technology and tools it needs, this webinar will explore the ways in which team speed can be leveraged as a critical competitive edge. Our panel of entrepreneurs and experts will engage in a lively, informed and interactive discussion about how you make your team more nimble and agile—and boost productivity and profits as a result. Our Panelists include Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, Gene Marks, owner and operator of the Marks Group, and Ramon Ray, Small Business Evangelist at Infusionsoft, publisher of Smart Hustle magazine, and Technology Evangelist at SmallBizTechnology.

Rule Breaker Awards 2017Rule Breaker Awards 2017
June 30, 2017, Online

Entrepreneurs don’t play by the rules. Why should you be judged by them? The Rule Breaker Awards will honor and celebrate those entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way. Some have created whole new industries; others have revolutionized industries that have existed for hundreds of years. Nominations end June 30, 2017. Nominate an entrepreneur today!

Rule Breaker Awards Ceremony Rule Breaker Awards Ceremony
October 24, 2017, Scottsdale, Ariz.

On October 24, 2017 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Rule Breaker Awards will honor and celebrate those entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way in a ceremony featuring the Rule Breaker of the Year and Rule Breaker Award winners.

Sales World 2017Sales World 2017
November 08, 2017, Online

Sales World 2017 takes place November 8th to 9th, 2017, Online; Live and On Demand. It is the largest Sales Industry Event in the World and will be attended by over 10,000 Sales Professionals. It’s the one sales event you can’t afford to miss!

DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 - Digital Marketing ConferenceDIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 – Digital Marketing Conference
November 14, 2017, Online

DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017 Digital Marketing Conference takes place November 14th to 16th, 2017. Whether your goal is to reinforce customer loyalty, improve lead generation, increase sales, or drive stronger consumer engagement, DIGIMARCON WORLD 2017’s agenda will help attendees enhance their marketing efforts. Sessions will focus on building traffic, expanding brand awareness, improving customer service and gaining insight into today’s latest digital tools.

More Events

  • CXNYC 2017
    June 20, 2017, New York, N.Y.
  • Innovation Summit 2017
    June 20, 2017, New York, N.Y.
  • Global Online Classifieds Summit 2017
    June 20, 2017, Miami Beach, Fla.
  • Marketing & PR Office Hours with .406 Ventures & Metis Communications
    June 20, 2017, Boston, Mass.
  • Business Networking for Professional Success
    June 20, 2017, New York City, N.Y.
  • Free Workshop: How To Start an Online Business – Denver, CO
    June 20, 2017, Denver, Colo.
  • Denver CO: FREE Home Business Start-up Seminars
    June 20, 2017, Denver, Colo.
  • London UK: FREE Home Business Start-up Seminars
    June 20, 2017, London, United Kingdom
  • Marketing to Millennials 2017
    June 20, 2017, Online
  • Philadelphia PA: FREE Home Business Start-up Seminars
    June 20, 2017, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • German American Wind Energy Business Conference
    June 20, 2017, Chicago, Ill.
  • Channelnomics Conference Security, Chicago
    June 21, 2017, Chicago, Ill.
  • The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) New York
    June 21, 2017, New York, N.Y.
  • Small Business Expo 2017 – Denver
    June 22, 2017, Denver, Colo.
  • Small Business Expo 2017 – Denver
    June 22, 2017, Denver, Colo.
  • Sales and Use Tax – Best Practices
    June 22, 2017, Online
  • 2017 MnSearch Summit
    June 23, 2017, St. Paul, Minn.
  • 2017 Electric Bike Expo: Chicagoland
    June 23, 2017, Lincolnwood , Ill.
  • Proposal Writing Workshop for Government Contracts
    June 26, 2017, Arlington, Va.
  • “Thrive in the Unexpected: Improve Your Change Fitness” – Workshop
    June 26, 2017, Chicago, Ill.

More Contests

  • Small Business Expo 2017 – Houston
    October 19, 2017, Online
  • Sustainable Brands’17
    November 30, 2017, Multiple Cities

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NASA to Support ESA’s Gravitational Wave Space Mission



  • ESA has selected LISA to study gravitational waves in space
  • LISA is expected to launch in 2034
  • NASA has worked for decades to develop many technologies needed for LISA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) to study gravitational waves in space – a mission in which NASA will partner with ESA in design, development, operations and data analysis.

LISA is expected to launch in 2034, NASA said in a statement on Thursday.

ESA’s Science Program Committee announced the selection of the three-spacecraft constellation LISA this week.

The mission will now be designed, budgeted and proposed for adoption before construction begins.

Gravitational radiation was predicted a century ago by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Massive accelerating objects such as merging black holes produce waves of energy that ripple through the fabric of space and time.

Indirect proof of the existence of these waves came in 1978, when subtle changes observed in the motion of a pair of orbiting neutron stars showed energy was leaving the system in an amount matching predictions of energy carried away by gravitational waves.

In September 2015, these waves were first directly detected by the National Science Foundation’s ground-based Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).
The signal arose from the merger of two stellar-mass black holes located some 1.3 billion light-years away. Similar signals from other black hole mergers have since been detected.NASA to Support ESA's Gravitational Wave Space Mission

Seismic, thermal and other noise sources limit LIGO to higher-frequency gravitational waves around 100 cycles per second (hertz).

But finding signals from more powerful events, such as mergers of supermassive black holes in colliding galaxies, requires the ability to detect frequencies much lower than one hertz, a sensitivity level only possible from space.

LISA consists of three spacecraft separated by 2.5 million kilometres in a triangular formation that follows Earth in its orbit around the Sun.

Each spacecraft carries test masses that are shielded in such a way that the only force they respond to is gravity. Lasers measure the distances to test masses in all three spacecraft.

Tiny changes in the lengths of each two-spacecraft arm signals the passage of gravitational waves through the formation.

LISA may also detect a background of gravitational waves produced during the universe’s earliest moments.

NASA said it has has worked for decades to develop many technologies needed for LISA, including measurement, micropropulsion and control systems, as well as support for the development of data analysis techniques.


Europe’s Galileo Satellite Navigation System to Get New Orbiters



  • The deal was signed at the International Paris Air Show
  • Galileo navigation constellation will gain an additional 8 satellites
  • Eighteen Galileo satellites have been placed in Earth’s orbit to date

The European Space Agency signed a contract with a German-British consortium Thursday to build eight more satellites for its Galileo satnav system, an alternative to America’s GPS, the agency said Thursday.

The deal was signed at the International Paris Air Show with German company OHB as the prime contractor, and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd in charge of navigation systems.

The ESA signed on behalf of the European Commission, which owns and funds the system.

“Europe’s Galileo navigation constellation will gain an additional eight satellites, bringing it to completion,” the ESA said in a statement.

Eighteen Galileo satellites have been placed in Earth’s orbit to date, with four more due for launch later this year.

With the last eight satellites to be built and tested by OHB, the EUR 10 billion ($11 billion or roughly Rs. 72,092 crores) constellation will ultimately comprise 30 orbiters.

Twenty-four will be operational, in three orbital planes, with the rest standing by as spares, in orbit and on the ground.Europe's Galileo Satellite Navigation System to Get New Orbiters

The European Commission expects Galileo to be fully operational by 2020.

The project has experienced many setbacks, including the placement of two satellites in the wrong orbit.

Galileo went live in December last year, providing initial services with a weak signal, having taken 17 years and more than triple the original budget.

The civilian-controlled service is seen as strategically important for Europe, which relies on two military-run rivals – GPS and Russia’s GLONASS.

Neither provides a guarantee of uninterrupted service.

In January, ESA said the system suffered another setback, with atomic clocks – claimed by the agency to be the most accurate ever flown for geolocalisation – failing onboard a number of satellites in space.

Each Galileo satellite has four ultra-accurate atomic timekeepers, but needs just one working clock.

The failure of nine clocks out of 72 launched so far, has not affected operation, the agency said at the time.

But it would necessitate a relook at clock design, meaning further possible delays.

Thursday’s statement said the eight new satellites are based on the approved design for the previous ones, but will feature “improvements based on lessons learnt.”

Once fully deployed, Galileo aims to pinpoint a location on Earth to within a metre – compared to several metres for GPS and GLONASS.

Clients of a paying service can get even more accurate readings – down to centimetres.

It will also offer search-and-rescue services.


SpaceX Plans Expansion of Rocket Refurbishing Facilities in Florida


SpaceX proposes building a 6,245-square metre hangar in Florida
The space will be used to refurbish and store SpaceX’s reusable rockets
The company is preparing for its 10th flight of the year on Sunday
SpaceX wants to expand facilities in Florida to refurbish and store its reusable rocket boosters as it increases the pace of launches, documents filed with authorities show.

The privately owned rocket company, operated by entrepreneur Elon Musk, proposes building a 67,222-square-foot (6,245-square meter) hangar just south of its Cape Canaveral launch sites to prepare recovered Falcon boosters for reflight, according to the documents.

The Port Canaveral Board of Commissioners is scheduled to consider SpaceX’s proposed lease on Wednesday.

Since successfully landing its first Falcon rocket in December 2015, SpaceX has successfully returned boosters 12 more times on drone barges floating in the ocean or on a landing pad on the ground. Two of those boosters were refurbished and relaunched on second satellite-delivery missions.SpaceX Plans Expansion of Rocket Refurbishing Facilities in Florida

SpaceX in March took over a spacecraft processing facility at Port Canaveral that once was used to prepare Spacehab science and equipment modules for flight aboard NASA’s now-retired space shuttles. The new lease is for 2.2 acres of vacant land adjacent to the Spacehab building.

The hangar that SpaceX wants to build there will be used for rocket refurbishment and storage, company spokesman John Taylor said. The old Spacehab building will be used for offices, rocket storage and to house equipment currently positioned at the dock where SpaceX’s floating landing pad returns from sea, Taylor said.
“Right now, we have that work dispersed at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This will allow us to consolidate and work more efficiently,” Taylor said.

SpaceX operates two launch sites in Florida, though one remains out of service following a September 2016 accident that destroyed a $62 million rocket, a $200 million communications satellite and heavily damaged the launch pad. Repairs are underway and SpaceX expects to resume flights from the pad, located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, later this year.

The California-based firm uses the space shuttle’s old launch pads at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, just north of the Air Force base. It also has a launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and is building a launch site near Brownsville, Texas.

The company is preparing for its 10th flight of the year, and third launch in nine days, on Sunday. SpaceX has a backlog of more than 70 missions, worth more than $10 billion (roughly Rs. 64,570 crores), spokesman Taylor said.


BSNL and Airtel Free Data Offers, Moto E4 Price, Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Sale, and More: Your 360 Daily



  • BSNL new plans have an additional data benefit
  • WhatsApp camera on iPhone gets a new Night Mode
  • Lenovo Vibe K5 Note to go on sale via Flipkart at Rs. 9,499

Reliance Jio’s Jio Dhana Dhan and Jio Summer Surprise are ending and customers will have to start paying the full amount soon. It seems that state-owned BSNL wants to capitalise on this with its new plans for postpaid subscribers. BSNL customers under Plan 99 get 250MB of data (compared to zero earlier), those with BSNL 225 get 1GB (versus 250MB earlier), and those in BSNL’s Plan 325 get 2GB (as opposed to 250MB earlier). Users enrolled under Plan 525 and BSNL 725 will now get 3GB (earlier 500MB) and 5GB data (earlier 1GB). Those on Plan 799, 1125, and 1525 get no additional benefits just yet. This comes days after BSNL announced the Sixer 666 pack for prepaid subscribers with 120GB data.

BSNL isn’t the only with offers. The Airtel Monsoon Surprise Offer announced last week is now live. All postpaid users get 30GB of free data for three months which results in 10GB per month. Postpaid users can avail of this by downloading the My Airtel app from Google Play or the App Store.

WhatsApp for iPhone adds Night Mode feature to in-app camera
With 1.2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is the world’s favourite messaging app. But it falls short in a few instances, particularly when it comes to camera functionality. That’s slated to change according to a new update which will add new shooting mode for better photos in the dark. Dubbed as ‘Night Mode’, it ensures that photos in low-light conditions have enhanced clarity. Right now, it only works with photos and not video. To use it, you’ll need the latest version of WhatsAppon iPhone as it’s not even available on the Android beta.

Moto E4 reportedly launched at Rs. 8,999; Moto E4 Plus coming soon
The Moto E4 seems to have been stealthily launched in India. Priced at Rs. 8,999 (MRP) according to Mumbai-based retailer Mahesh Telecom, Lenovo has not officially announced the Moto E4 launch or price details just yet. Though it has confirmed that it will launch the Moto E4 Plus with 5,000mAh battery in India soon. Keep in mind that the Moto E4 Plus will have a MediaTek MTK6737M SoC in India and not the Snapdragon variant which is for North America.

OnePlus 5 reportedly doesn’t adjust stereo audio recording channelsBSNL and Airtel Free Data Offers, Moto E4 Price, Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Sale, and More: Your 360 Daily
Early OnePlus 5 adopters have reported that if they record with the OnePlus home button to the right, the audio is inverted, while recording to the left results the left/ right channels sounding as they should. Ideally, all smartphones with stereo speakers change their audio channels from left to right (or vice versa) mid-recording depending on the phone’s orientation to record optimum sound for the video. Apparently, the OnePlus 5 doesn’t do that, and instead sticks to either the correct or inverted channel. This issue apparently plagues OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users too. Hopefully OnePlus rolls out a fix soon.

Panasonic phones receive price cuts; Lenovo Vibe K5 Note goes on sale this week
Panasonic joins Apple and Asus in slashing prices post-GST. The company hasn’t issued an official statement just yet, but Gadgets 360 has learned from offline retailers that Panasonic has reduced prices. These include the Panasonic Eluga I2 1GB RAM version now at Rs. 6,490 rather than Rs. 7,290 – which is what the 2GB version of the Eluga I2 now retails for instead of Rs. 8,290. Also slashed is the Panasonic P88 to Rs. 8,490 versus the old price of Rs. 9,290. The Panasonic Eluga A2 is now Rs. 8,990 compared to the pre-GST price of Rs. 9,490. The Eluga Prim is now Rs. 9,490 versus the original price of Rs. 10,290. Also revised is the Panasonic Eluga I3 Mega and Eluga Pulse X at Rs. 9,990 and Rs. 10,490 compared to the Rs. 10,990 and Rs. 10,990 they launched at.

And if Panasonic isn’t your thing, Flipkart is offering the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note for Rs. 9,499 – a flat Rs. 3,000 discount. It’s a part of a special one-day sale to mark the second anniversary of the Lenovo K series being available on Flipkart. The sale begins at 12am Tuesday and ends at 11:59pm on the same day.

Honor 8 Pro price in India tipped ahead of Thursday’s launch
The Honor 8 Pro release date is July 6, and in the run up to that, it seems that the smartphone’s price for India may have been leaked. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the Honor 8 Pro sports a Rs. 29,999 price tag for the 6GB RAM and 128GB version. Not too shabby considering that it costs EUR 549 (around Rs. 39,500) in Europe. The Honor 8 Pro has already been confirmed as an Amazon India exclusive.
Samsung Flow lets you unlock Windows 10 PCs with Your Phone; Microsoft pushing Windows 10 users to install Creators Update
You will now be able to use your Samsung smartphone to unlock your Windows 10 PC thanks to Samsung’s Flow app. Launched in 2015, Samsung has finally added support for Windows Hello. This will work with Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, and the Galaxy Tab S3. Much like Apple’s Continuity feature, users can resume browsing sessions from one device on another and also easily transfer files. You need the Samsung Flow app from Google Play on your phone, and the app from the Window Store on your PC.

Keep in mind that you will need the Windows 10 Creator’s Update, which Microsoft is hellbent on pushing to every Windows 10 user.

“As a reminder, the first version of Windows 10 is at end-of-service. While you can continue to use this version and your computer will still work, you will no longer receive the monthly quality updates that contain protection from the latest security threats. To remain secure your device should be updated to the latest feature update. We will start sending a notification if your device needs to be updated to the latest feature update,” the company said on its blog.

Tesla Model 3 sedan gets regulatory nod for production, reveals CEO Elon Musk
Tesla’s high-volume Model 3 sedan passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule, Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday night.

“(Model 3) Production grows exponentially, so Aug should be 100 cars and Sept above 1,500,” Musk said on Twitter. “Looks like we can reach 20,000 Model 3 cars per month in Dec.”

“Expecting to complete SN1 on Friday,” Musk added.

SN1 is the first car off the assembly line for sale. Musk said in May Tesla was on track to begin production of the $35,000 Model 3 in July. Tesla had said earlier, it expected to produce over 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of this year and 10,000 vehicles per week “at some point in 2018”.

Samsung Display to construct world’s largest OLED plant to cater to Apple’s iPhone demand: report
Samsung is planning to construct the world’s biggest OLED plants in South Korea to beef up production of flexible OLED screens for the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and other devices.

Samsung Display controls 98 percent of global markets for small and medium flexible OLED screens.

According to Korean website ETNews, the plants, said to be located in Cheonin and Asan, are expected to cost around $1.75 billion (roughly Rs. 11,324 crores) for construction and $14 billion (roughly Rs. 90,597 crores) for equipment for OLED fabrication. The total costs for the two OLED facilities will be nearly $21 billion (roughly Rs. 1,35,963 crores).