Solution of data lost: data recovery software

Laptop is a device which is used by mostly users to save their data. Around the world, more than 30 % people uses this device to save their memorable moments like photos, videos and other things so that they can feel enjoy by seeing such memories. But, due to data lost, your all memories will fade away. There are many other reasons for data failure or data corruption. If you operate your laptop to computer in smooth and systematic way, you would not lose your saved data. Users saved all type of data in their laptop like images, audio, video, graphics, text file, document file, mails, contacts, projects, presentation and other type of data. Due to data loss, a person may has chance to lose his job or an organisation may face huge loss in terms of finance and respect.

 So, while using your laptop or computer, everyone should keep some prevention tips in their mind so that data loss may be avoided. Some of prevention tips of data lost are:

  • Keep your laptop or computer always clean and dust-free
  • create backup and save your files regularly, to multiple locations
  • Create an image backup BEFORE the first signs of hard drive failure
  • Don’t delete files you don’t know what are, especially system files
  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date and applies scanning on regular basis
  • If your PC gets hot suddenly, take it apart and clean it
  • Don’t open suspicious emails or attachments
  • Always keep the liquids away from your laptop

After following prevention tips, if you have lost your data from any reason, then you do not worry about too much. In the software industry, solution of this problem is also available and you can get back your lost or corrupted data in correct format within seconds. The solution of this problem is data or file recovery software which is based on data recovery process. Date recovery process works on scanning or searching your complete system so that data or file may be recovered easily. Data recovery software is capable to recover your data from all kind of storage devices like SSD cards, memory cards, digital camera, PC, tablet, computer, laptop, pen drive, CD, USB flash drive, etc.

Now, users have questions in their mind that where they will get data recovery software. Number of software companies has uploaded data recovery software on their webpage so that needed user may download software easily. It is up to you that either you want free data recovery software or paid licensed version. We will suggest you to download free data recovery software because there is no change in free or paid version of recovery software except the duration. So, download this software from webpage of any software company but also take a look on all reviews and ratings so that your time will not be wasted. After installing it in your laptop, just perform only three steps and recover your lost or corrupt data. Those three steps are: launch, scan and recover.

Hike Messenger Gets Video Calling, Starting With Android App

Hike Messenger Gets Video Calling, Starting With Android App

India’s first homegrown messaging app Hike Messenger on Wednesday launched video calling feature for its users.

Video calling – the beta version of which was rolled out in September this year to a select set of less than a hundred thousand users – will now begin to roll out to the entire user base, starting with Android users this week.

“This was an obvious one and we’re excited to bring it to the market so quickly. We’ve been in beta for a few months and the results have been really positive. We’re now excited to roll this out across our entire userbase. We see India as primarily a sight and sound market — and we believe video calling will have a large impact on how people communicate inside of Hike,” Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, Hike Messenger, said in a statement.

With the video calling feature, users on Hike can also see a live video preview of the caller before answering the call.

Hike says the feature has been built for a reliable and high quality video experience that works even under challenging network conditions, including good quality 2G.

‘Hawa Badlo’ App Will Let Delhi Residents Report Likely Pollutants

'Hawa Badlo' App Will Let Delhi Residents Report Likely Pollutants

The Indian capital, labouring under the label of being the world’s most polluted city, is trying something new to help clean up its air.

A smartphone application that allows citizens to report the presence of construction dust or the burning of leaves and garbage in public parks to authorities was launched Friday.

The “Hawa Badlo,” or “Change the Air,” app has two versions. One allows citizens to take pictures of likely pollutants. The other allows authorities to investigate and act on valid complaints.

Over the last few years, New Delhi has struggled with ways to handle the pollution, which becomes especially obvious during the colder winter months as the city’s air turns to a grey haze.

The newest measure, the phone app, was launched by the Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority, a monitoring group set up on the order of India’s Supreme Court in April.

Over the last decade or so, India, like neighboring China, has seen pollution spiral as its economy has boomed and it has continued to rely on burning coal to generate electricity. The number of vehicles on the road has skyrocketed, while hundreds of millions of impoverished people still use wood, kerosene or whatever they can grab at the garbage dump to build fires for cooking or keeping warm on winter nights.

Over the last two years, the government has tried a slew of measures to control the air pollution. These include stricter emission norms for cars and a tax on diesel-fueled trucks that enter the city.

The city has also attempted to limit the number of cars on the roads during the winter months, when the air quality is at its worst. The city authorities twice ordered cars with odd and even numbered license plates to ply on alternate days for a period of two weeks each.


New iMessage Hack Reportedly Bombarding Some Users With Chinese Texts

New iMessage Hack Reportedly Bombarding Some Users With Chinese TextsSome Apple users are complaining that a hack linked to Apple’s iMessage messaging service has bombarded their devices with Chinese text messages and iMessages from unknown numbers.


The problem first came to light when Mashable published a report citing an employee whose Mac received a message written in Chinese from an unknown phone number. Soon thereafter, she was alerted that her Apple ID had been activated on another device; the only option to close the dialog box was to click the ‘OK’ button.

After hitting the ‘OK’ button, she received a number of texts and iMessages in Chinese. She promptly changed her Apple ID password and security questions.


But this was far from an isolated incident. Upon contacting Apple Support, she was informed that other Apple customers had encountered this issue; an Apple representative called this a likely attempt to steal the personal information of users and said that the company is working on creating a fix for this problem.

Apple has not publicly acknowledged this problem, though the company’s support team on Twitter directed affected customers to an official support page about identifying a compromised Apple ID and resetting the password.

New Instagram Tool to Help People at Suicide Risk

Instagram's New Tool Aims to Help People at Suicide RiskPhoto sharing website Instagram on Thursday launched new tools to support people struggling with self-injury or suicidal thoughts globally, including in India.

The tools, that offer options such as talk to a friend or contact a helpline, provide critical resources for people who may be thinking about self-injury.

Users observing threat of suicide or self-injury can contact on emergency services along with other options to reach out to the person.

“We worked with mental health organisations, primarily ‘Forefront’ led by researchers at University of Washington, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and Dr Nancy Zucker, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University,” Instagram said in a statement.

Other organisations including The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and (US), Samaritans (UK) and beyondblue and headspace (Australia) provided valuable input.
“We also consulted with people with real-life experience with self-injury or suicide,” the statement added.

Instagram has also partnered with over 40 helpline organisations around the world to support people associated with self-injury or suicidal tendency.

In addition, if someone searches for a hashtag associated with self-injury, Instagram offers support options before they are able to view the content.

Periscope Producer Extends the Live Streaming Service Beyond Phones

Periscope Producer Extends the Live Streaming Service Beyond Phones

Twitter is taking the smartphone shackles off its live-video service Periscope in its latest attempt to broaden its audience.

The Periscope Producer feature announced Thursday will let media companies and other users pipe live video feeds directly into Twitter, without using a smartphone to record the images. Since its debut early last year, Periscope had been confined to live video feeds taken on a smartphone.

During Producer’s testing phase last week, a Florida television station showing live video on its website used the new tool to redistribute the same feeds on Twitter. To start, Producer will be limited to a small group of media companies such as Disney’s ABC News and major brands such as Louis Vuitton. Others can apply for approval at

Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykour said Producer will be available to all comers soon, something that he acknowledged could lead to unauthorized redistribution of live video. Piracy has been an issue dogging Periscope since people began using the service to broadcast live video of movies and TV shows with their smartphones.

The Periscope extension ups the ante on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s bet that the increasing popularity of online video will help widen the messaging service’s appeal.

Twitter already has been streaming more news, entertainment and sports events, including the National Football League’s Thursday Night games for 10 weeks during the season. Twitter hopes to build a following beyond people who rely on the service to tweet their thoughts and keep tabs on what’s happening around the world. Dorsey sees Twitter evolving into the go-to place for watching live video in a digital town square where people can share their opinions with each other.

Internet companies young (Snapchat) and old (Facebook) are scrambling to get on the live video train, though there are no easy ways to make advertising money off of them yet. That’s coming, though. Some companies are already experimenting with livestreaming for marketing purposes. Automaker General Motors, for example, launched out its electric Chevy Bolt EV using Facebook Live earlier this year. Media outlets, meanwhile, are livestreaming coverage of the presidential debates in ways not seen in any previous election.

With the latest move, Periscope joins other livestreaming services such as Twitch and YouTube that allow for broadcasts from sources beyond users’ smartphones. Facebook, meanwhile, has so far stuck to a mobile-only strategy. But even with Periscope’s expanded capability, Facebook has an advantage with a larger audience.

Since the end of 2014, Twitter has picked up just 15 million monthly users to expand its audience to 313 million people through June. During the same stretch, Facebook gained 319 million users to extend its reach beyond 1.7 billion people.

In an effort to distinguish Twitter from Facebook, Dorsey has been trying to position it as the “people news network” – though with little success since he replaced Dick Costolo as CEO 15 months ago.

Things have been looking so bleak that Twitter’s board last month hired investment bankers to woo suitors that might be interested in buying the San Francisco company, according to published reports that cited unnamed people familiar with the matter. The prospective bidders included Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., as well as Apple Inc., and Walt Disney Co.

The possibility of a sale tantalized investors until other media reports made it seem unlikely that Twitter will strike a deal soon. With a sale apparently off the table, the company’s stock has dropped by nearly 30 percent in the past week. The shares fell 20 cents to $17.85 in early afternoon trading Thursday.


Chrome Won’t Eat Up as Much System Memory From December, Says Google

Chrome Will Consume Up to 50 Percent Less Memory From December, Says Google

  • Google Chrome 55 will have an upgraded V8 JavaScript engine
  • Chrome 55 will reduce RAM consumption by approximately 50 percent
  • Decrease in RAM consumption will be in desktops as well as mobile devices

Google Chrome, the popular Web browser notorious for the amount of system memory it consumes, is about to get an update that will lessen the amount of RAM it takes up while functioning. Chrome 55, scheduled to arrive in December, will have an upgraded V8 JavaScript engine that will reduce RAM requirements by as much as 50 percent over the current version of the browser.

However, the decrease in RAM consumption won’t be across the board, as the chart below from the V8 JavaScript Engine blog shows. For example, The New York Times website showed a significant drop in memory use, while the same was rather low for Twitter and The Washington Post.

The changes will be seen on the desktop as well as mobile versions of Google Chrome, but will be more apparent on devices with low RAM (say, less than 4GB).

Though Google has said that it will release the Chrome 55 update on December 6, users can sign up for the beta version of the browser to test if the RAM consumption actually goes down.

The Internet search giant has also said that “over the next months” it will work on improving Chrome’s performance on devices with 512MB-1GB of RAM.

Chrome 53 came with Material Design enhancements and started blocking Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5. Last month, Google also said that the browser has seen double-digit growth in speed as well as battery efficiency over the past year.

The version of Chrome scheduled to release in January will start labelling HTTP pages as ‘non-secure’ in an effort to transition completely to the secure HTTPS standard.


Pokemon Go’s Upcoming Feature Will Make it Easier to Catch Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go's Upcoming Feature Will Make it Easier to Catch Rare PokemonNiantic Labs wants to make sure people remain hooked to its augmented reality game Pokemon Go. The company is planning to release a new feature that will give players bonuses for earning medals based on catching Pokemon of a certain type.

The feature will increase the chance for players to catch rare Pokemon. As you reach higher up in a particular tier (Kindler, Psychic, Gardener, etc.) you will receive more bonuses to catch rare Pokemon of that particular type. This means that catching more Pokemon of the same kind will improve your odds to find the more uncommon ones. Niantic hopes that the feature will make catching common Pokemon a little more exciting.

(Also see: Pokemon Go Hits New Milestone: Downloaded Over 500 Million Times Across Platforms)

Niantic details the new update, saying, “these new bonuses will give you a better chance of capturing Pokémon with a related type. For example, as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, your bonus to catch Fire-type Pokémon such as Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta increases.”

The response to the new feature has been tepid after Niantic posted the details on social media sites as players were hoping for other improvements like tracking Pokemon, and training in gyms, or introduce trading.
While Pokemon Go is still a fairly new game, having burst into the scene in July, reports have suggested that the popularity of this gaming sensation has dropped. The game encourages the player to travel around in the real world and catch virtual Pokemon. Initially, the world was hooked to the novelty of an augmented reality game combined with the popularity of the Pokemon franchise.

But Niantic has maintained that the company still has big plans for the game which will hold its user base. At the TechCrunch Disrupt in September Niantic CEO John Hanke said, “It’s always been the intent to gradually introduce more Pokémon into the experience over time. It’s a natural way to keep the game fresh. Some Pokémon are highly coveted and people are going to be really excited when they show up in the game.”

Telegram Allows You to Make Gif Images and More; Now Supports Android 7.0 Nougat

Telegram Allows You to Make Gif Images and More; Now Supports Android 7.0 Nougat
You can now make gif images using ‘mute’ option from app
Telegram has added support for Android 7.0 Nougat
You can also apply self-made masks to pictures
New entrants don’t often cause the big players to respond, but when the product is developed by Google – it should not come as a surprise. After the launch of Google’s Allo, it seems like WhatsApp and Telegram are competing to win over customers with new additions to their text-messaging applications.

With the latest update to its app, Telegram allows you to draw on your photos, as well as add masks, stickers, and text to them. You also get to make gif images using the app’s ‘mute’ feature after recording a video. You can now also get access to trending stickers directly from the ‘stickers panel’ in any of your chats, the company said in its changelog for the update.

Importantly, the application has also finally added support for Android 7.0 Nougat with the latest update. You can get the update from either Google Play or the App Store, depending upon your mobile platform.

The company has further launched a platform that allows users to upload their own sets of masks, beards, glasses etc.
WhatsApp recently included new emojis, similar to the ones introduced with iOS 10, to the beta version of its Android app, specifically, v2.16.274. Further, the company is expected to add passcode protection to its chats soon.

Google launched its text-messaging app Allo earlier this month and the app has already been downloaded more than a million times from Google Play. Even though the app has been criticised by the likes of Edward Snowden for lack of privacy, it has been praised for the artificial intelligence, which allows it to make appropriate suggestion for quick replies.

It will be interesting to see going forward if Allo will be able to contest the top spot among the text messaging applications or the other apps are able to raise the bar further with their feature additions.

Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support

Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support

  • Support for Chrome Custom Tabs added with the update
  • Hangouts updated to version 13.0
  • You will get the ‘Browse in Hangouts’ option in settings

Google wants you to know that even though it has released text-messaging app Allo and video-calling app Duo, it has not forgotten Hangouts. This is why the search giant has released version 13.0 update for Hangouts, which brings support for Chrome Custom Tabs to the app on Android.

On the updated version of the app, you will find the option ‘Browse in Hangouts’ in the settings and by default it comes enabled. You also get the option to open the page in Chrome.

In the settings menu, at the top, there sits a warning to remind users that ‘Conversation merging is no longer available’, as pointed out by 9to5Google. Google removed ‘merged conversations’, which showed Hangouts messages and SMS messages from the same user in a single conversation, with its version 11.0 update of the Hangouts app on Android.

“Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it, because it caused user confusion and had low usage,” Google said regarding the removal of merged conversations.

Google has clarified that it wants Hangouts to be focused on businesses and simpler apps Allo and Duo to be consumer-centric.

The search giant recently announced that Hangouts On Air will move from Google+ to YouTube Live. In its note, the company said, “Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after September 12 and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.”