Expedition will test implantable biosensor on world’s seventh highest mountain

The research forms part of a series of medical studies that will be undertaken during the expedition to summit the North East ridge of Dhaulagiri in Nepal. At 8,167 m, it is the seventh highest point on earth.

Arian Mellor with the implantable Medtronic Reveal Device

Alongside the feat of mountaineering, the joint service team – officially named the British Services Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition 2016 (BSDMRE) – will conduct groundbreaking medical research into the effects of altitude on the human body. This will be the first time a military study has done so above 6,000 m and using implanted technology.

The team will climb at extreme altitudes without oxygen, following 6 weeks of acclimatization, aiming to make the summit around May 20.

The main team making the grueling 8,167-m ascent will be involved in two studies looking at the effect of an injection of iron on the body’s response to low oxygen levels and measuring heart rate and rhythm during the climb.

In addition to its relevance to sport and exercise science, it is hoped that this data may provide insight into how the heart behaves in the face of disease or illness.

‘Expedition may help unpick mechanisms behind critical illness’

The study involves the use of an innovative Medtronic Reveal LINQ device – a 2-inch, wireless, cardiac heart monitor that is implanted under the skin on the chest by a minor surgical procedure. The device will store and upload data from each heartbeat during the expedition by satellite link. This technique will allow the team to collect unique data from the heart during exercise at extreme altitude and low oxygen tensions.

Dr. Christopher Boos, consultant cardiologist and physician, leads the team at Poole Hospital responsible for inserting the climbers with the device, which will automatically transmit the electrical patterns of each heartbeat back to the ground in the UK, for real-time analysis.

“This exciting study brings to life the concept that people can be extremely remotely located, yet still able to rely on quick diagnoses through medical technology,” says Dr. Boos. “A climber’s cardiac system has never before been so thoroughly studied at such extreme altitudes, and the research will unlock some of the unexplained mysteries of altitude sickness and counteract the life-threatening symptoms it inflicts.”

Speaking about the research, expedition leader Surgeon Commander Adrian Mellor says:

“Until recently it has only been possible to collect heart rate data at rest due to the size and difficulty of obtaining a clear electrical recording from the heart at extreme altitudes. Now that we are able to do this, for the first time we will have accurate and sustained readings that will help us understand what happens to the heart rhythm during times of very low oxygen supply.

This and other studies in conjunction with Leeds Beckett and Oxford Universities will help us better prepare soldiers for deployment at high altitude and understand the body’s response to critical illness.”

“The expedition is a great opportunity to undertake novel medical research during military adventurous training,” adds Mellor. “Understanding how the body functions, especially during exercise, under conditions of extreme lack of oxygen, is crucial to understanding how we acclimatize to altitude and, more importantly, may help us better understand some of the mechanisms behind critical illness.”

Smallest cardiac monitor currently available

The Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor System is a miniaturized implantable heart monitor designed to help physicians quickly and accurately diagnose irregular heartbeats.

At just one third the size of a AAA battery, it is the smallest cardiac monitor currently available. Implanting the device requires an incision of less than 1 cm, and once in place, it remains just below the skin surface, providing continuous monitoring of the heart. This gives physicians a reliable snapshot of each patient’s cardiac activity, allowing them to accurately diagnose and monitor each patient.

Though small, the Reveal LINQ has a 3-year battery life and data memory that is 20% greater than other monitoring devices.

Robert Robson, CEO of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, says:

“Medical research is vital for the future development of our Service personnel and we, as the Navy’s principal charity, have a mission to support projects like the Dhaulagiri Medical Research Expedition. The venture epitomizes the ‘can-do’ attitude of our armed forces and will help improve training for personnel in the years to come.”

New approach within mountaineering

The BSDMRE expedition will also signify a new approach within military mountaineering. Until now, military attempts on such high mountains have been attempted “siege style.”

This usually involves repeatedly carrying loads and establishing camps ever higher on the mountain, often supplemented with bottled oxygen.

Informed by recent research, BSDMRE will instead climb in a lightweight “alpine” style, acclimatizing on Damphus and then Tukuche peaks (6,060 m and 6,900 m, respectively) before making a fast and light weight ascent of Dhaulagiri without oxygen from two intermediate camps over a 5-day period.

BSDMRE team members

Mountaineers of all abilities and ranks are taking part in the expedition, promoting and developing the sport within the military and beyond.

Trekking and development teams will explore trekking circuits and the smaller Tukuche Peak, while the main team will attempt the northeast ridge of Dhaulagiri.

The expedition has the support of influential patrons:

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Mark Lancaster MP, the Second Sea Lord, Air Member for Personnel, Commandant General Royal Marines and the Surgeon General acting as Patron for the scientific program.

Three Simple Health Strategies That Really Work

At some point in life, many people get frustrated about the ongoing presence of pesky diseases, energy lags, excess weight, mood instability, and other physiological problems. Each of these conditions detracts from the quality of life while increasing the likelihood that even more health complications will transpire. However, learning more about how to implement viable wellness techniques can help you overcome illness and embrace a future marked by holistic health. Utilize the advice found in this quick reference guide to get yourself moving forward right now:


1. Start Weight-Lifting.

One of the best ways to take your health up a notch is by weight-lifting. Weight-lifting can have a wide range of profoundly positive effects on your health, and some of them include better posture, improved digestion and elimination, increased strength, and enhanced metabolism. If you’ve never lifted weights before, you may want to hire a professional trainer to design a program on your behalf. Also remember that while weight-lifting is an excellent mode of training, there are still several other exercise modalities you’ll want to utilize to optimize your health. For example, you’ll want to participate in cardiovascular activities like running, jogging, cycling, kickboxing, etc. You’ll also want to decrease your risk of injury by doing stretching activities such as yoga.

2. Get Serious About Disease Elimination.

In addition to weight-lifting, make sure you get in the habit of recognizing and eliminating any diseases that begin to plague your body. This will help preclude you from experiencing all of the unwanted, inconveniencing symptoms that cause you pain and complicate your ability to get your work done and maintain a great social life. If you think a specific condition is present in your body, you can obtain testing kits from companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. This company offers serology test kits as well as kits for conditions like HIV, cancer, and diabetes.

3. Develop SMART Goals.

One final technique you can appropriate to optimize your health is the development of SMART goals. Numerous research studies have demonstrated that individuals who write their goals down are much more successful in realizing the objective. As such, you should get in the habit of articulating your health goals in a written format. Also be sure that the goals are SMART: 1. Specific 2. Measurable 3. Attainable 4. Reasonable 5. Time-specific.


If you’re ready to get healthy, there’s no reason to delay the process. Get on the road to radiant, lively existence by implementing some or all of the wellness techniques listed here!

Top benefits of exercising with rowing machines

Like every other fitness and workout tools, rowing machines too have developed over an extensive period of time, making their own position in the list of high-end fitness trends. This machine is extremely effective as it comes up with novel ways to maintain your fitness regime involving challenging yet easy fitness styles. The idea of these machines is simple. An individual or a group of individual get hold of their own machine, mount it and then sweat all way round a 30-60 minute workout that perfectly mimics the benefits of the conventional water based rowing regime. In case you’re planning to invest in a rowing machine under $500 anytime, here are a couple of benefits that you should be aware of. Check them out.

Boosts your heart health

Every time you go for an exercise that bucks up your heart rate and the volume of your breadth, you end up working on the holistic fitness of your heart. Rowing is indeed highly effective for your heart and your lungs as it involves all the important sinews in your body. This, on the other hand, compels your heart to pump out more blood thereby infusing your cells with the exact amount of energy and nutrients.

Enhances the overall endurance of your body

Rowing plays a highly vital role in bucking up your muscular strength and your endurance as it compels you to push and pull much against the resistance of your workout. With consistent and sustained resistance your muscles too will develop and end up being much stronger. The constant exertion of force on your muscles improves your overall endurance and keeps you consistently fit.

Impact is relatively low

Well, if you keep maintaining a proper form, rowing will have lesser impacts on your joints. As your feet are in complete contact with your foot pads and as your hands too, hold the handles; there’s absolutely no impact on your shoulders, ankles, or even elbows. These are your major injury prone areas that are technically saved. This exercise, thus, turns out to be highly effective for all those people who are going through and injury and yet wish to try a new exercise.

You can perform it alone or with people

Just like the conventional water rowing, a rowing workout involving a rowing machine can also be done either individually or with people. The group rowing sessions are extremely engaging as they come with active instructors, mind boosting music and a slightly choreographed routine that perfectly syncs with the benefits. This is indeed an awesome option for everyone who are looking out to enjoy the fun of rowing but don’t want to do it individually.

Less Extravagant

Yes. This is another major benefit that comes with rowing. The rowing exercise machine are way less extravagant than the conventional fitness machines. In fact, if you compare the cost of a high-end rowing tool with any random cardio tool, you will observe that the former costs much less than the latter. These tools are extremely useful, feature rich and they don’t burn a hole in your pockets as well.

Easily accessible

All of us don’t really have proper access to a river or a boat. So, opting for these machines can be an excellent option. These rowing machines are widely available in all popular gyms and they have lesser risks involved with them. You can practice your rowing session on these machines any and every time you like.

Well, these benefits of rowing will indeed compel you to get hold of a rowing machine right away and the machine too, is perfectly designed to meet and fit your expectations just the way you want.