O Watch 3D Printable Smartwatch For Kids


Those of you patiently waiting for the highly anticipated launch of the previously unveiled O Watchsmartwatch for kids created by eight-year-old developer Omkar.

We’ll be pleased to learn that it is now available to pledge for over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website from just $69 and includes everything you need in the form of screen and integrated processor board.

Watch the video below to learn more about this smartwatch for kids which is hoping to raise $15,000 but via Kickstarter to jump into production. The smartwatch kit has been developed to provide children with an easy way to learn programming, 3D printing and crafts.



O Watch is an Arduino compatible smartwatch kit for kids to get started with hands-on programming and 3D printing. This DIY kit comes with a complete set of components and easy-to-use online instructions to create your own smartwatch.

Watch learning tools will include a kid-friendly website with easy tutorials, examples and a community to share their creations. Arduino IDE will be the primary programming tool for O Watch. Case designs will be available on the O Watch website and can be 3D printed at home, ordered via several 3D printing services (e.g. Shapeways, 3DHubs), or printed at local public maker-spaces (e.g. School, Library, TechShop, Fab Lab).


For more information on the new O Watch smartwatch jump over to the Kickstarter website for details via the link below.

Dubbler Dock Pro 2-Bay, Save 20%


Today’s Geeky Gadgets Deal is a Dubbler Dock Pro 2-Bay for $79.99 it normally retails for $100 so you can save 20% off the normal retail price.

The Dubbler Dock Pro 2-Bay can be used as a docking station for hard drives, more details on the features below.

For those of us that prefer hard drive storage to cloud storage, data transfers and manipulation can be tricky at best. The Dubbler Dock is the perfect medicine—it’s a 1:1 hard drive duplicator and docking station that supports ultra-fast data transfers and seamless data cloning between drives. Plus, its built-in software is packed with great features like keeping erased data safe from retrieval by hackers, and much, much more.

  • Use as a SATA dock to access data on a hard drive
  • Permanently delete data w/ NSA/DoD Level secure erase rather than standard erase or deleting of data
  • Easily resize data to fit on a smaller drive w/ built-in software (not available in standard HDD cloners)
  • Quickly transfer data between 2 drives at high speeds
  • Enjoy the durability of an aluminum & plastic hardbody shell
  • Use the LED light to learn when your drive is ready for use
  • Secure & work w/ your data offline
  • Avoid storing data in the cloud

You can now get the Dubbler Dock Pro 2-Bay for $79.99 from the Geeky Gadgets Deals store.

$49 HyperLink Stainless Steel Apple Watch Strap

Stainless Steel Apple Watch

The prices of some of the Apple Watch strap accessories can unfortunately push the watch price higher than most can afford. However one company has taken to Kickstarter to provide an affordable $49 stainless steel Apple Watch strap that offers a quality alternative.

The Apple Watch stainless steel strap is contracted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy that Apple uses in its more expensive straps although costing at a fraction of the price.

Sanho Corporation the creators of the stainless steel Apple Watch band explain a little more about its design and functionality in the video below.


We strongly believe there is no better watch band material for the stainless steel Apple Watch than stainless steel itself. Unfortunately Apple’s Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Band costs $449 which can buy you another Apple Watch Sport.

It is reported that the $49 Apple Watch Sports Band cost only $2 to make so it’s fair to say that the $449 Stainless Steel Band would cost very much less to make. With no huge markups or expensive corporate overheads, we hope to bring you a similar quality stainless steel link bracelet band, crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the Apple Watch for only $49 (Kickstarter early birds).

We have started a small production and you can see the actual product in action in the video above. With your help, we aim to lower the cost of production further and make affordable stainless steel Apple Watch bands a reality!

For more information on the new Apple Watch strap jump over to the Kickstarter website for details and to make pledge from $49.

UK Songwriter Society Sues SoundCloud Over Copyright

Britain’s largest music copyright collective PRS for Music has sued SoundCloud for copyright infringement, saying the online audio-streaming firm did not agree on a licensing deal, the Financial Times reported.

The newspaper said PRS for Music, which represents about 100,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, said it had “no alternative” but to sue SoundCloud for copyright infringement since the music service refused to agree a licensing deal.

“Following five years of unsuccessful negotiations, we now find ourselves in a situation where we have no alternative but to commence legal proceedings against the online music service SoundCloud,” the society wrote in a letter to its members, according to the newspaper.

SoundCloud said the PRS action was regrettable but declined to comment further on how it would defend the legal action.

Last year, SoundCloud was close to a deal with major record labels like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group for licenses to continue playing their songs and avoid potential legal disputes. But recent media reports have indicated problems with the firm’s agreements with the record labels.

PRS for Music could not immediately be reached for comments.

Apple Watch Shipments Hit 3.6 Million Units, Fitbit Holds Onto Lead

A new report estimates Apple shipped 3.6 million watches in the last quarter – more than some analysts have estimated and enough to change the competitive landscape for fitness bands and other wearable gadgets.

Apple shipped enough units of its new smartwatch to nearly overtake market leader Fitbit in the last quarter, according to analysts at International Data Corp. Their report warns that traditional fitness bands may be losing popularity to smartwatches and other devices that offer more features.

“People want to get more out of their devices,” said IDC’s Ramon Llamas in an interview. “It’s kind of like the way smartphones overtook basic phones.”

Consumer response to the Apple Watch (Review) has been the subject of intense speculation since the new gadget went on sale this spring. While Apple is known for making popular gadgets, the watch represents a new category of products for the company. Critics have questioned whether it’s useful enough for consumers to need or want one on their wrist.

Apple has not revealed how many watches it has sold at prices that start at $350 (roughly Rs. 23,100), with luxury models selling for $10,000 (roughly Rs. 6,60,000) or more. After the company issued its last financial report, in which Apple lumped watch sales into a broader category it calls “other products,” many analysts estimated Apple sold between 2 million and 3 million watches during the quarter that ended in June.

IDC says it starts with Apple’s financial reports but also gathers data from suppliers, distributors and consumers to estimate the number of units shipped by the Cupertino, California, company, not actual retail sales. IDC also tracks shipments of personal computers, smartphones and other computer products. Its reports on those products, along with estimates from rival research firm Gartner, are widely cited in the industry.

While the IDC figure for the Apple Watch is higher than other recent estimates, it’s still lower than many projections made before Apple started selling the watch in late April. IDC had initially forecast Apple would ship about 22 million watches during the calendar year. Llamas said that now seems unlikely.

Still, he said Apple’s clout in the marketplace will influence other makers of wearable gadgets. Over the next few years, IDC predicts, basic fitness bands will lose ground to “smart” devices that come with a variety of apps and Internet services. That includes the Apple Watch and other smartwatches that use competing software from Google or other companies.

IDC estimates Fitbit led the wearable industry by shipping 4.4 million fitness bands in the second quarter. After Apple, IDC said other market leaders include China’s Xiaomi, with 3.1 million units shipped; Garmin, with 700,000 units and Samsung with 600,000 units. Counting other manufacturers, IDC estimated 18.1 million wearable gadgets were shipped in the quarter.