The Best Meat Sandwiches One Can Make

Sandwiches are one of those snacks that anybody can make at home and enjoy. If one is a meat lover, then meat sandwiches are one of the most delicious and best things. Making a sandwich is pretty simple, but if you want to go a little above the task, then getting the right ingredients to make them are absolutely necessary.

Sandwiches vary all over the world, and making a good sandwich for yourself or your friends is great for a nice evening or dinner snack. You can also buy meat online for your culinary ambitions with the help of Licious, the online meat store.

Here are a few great meat sandwiches that you can make at home itself:

Classic tuna sandwich:

One of the classic sandwiches ever to have existed is the Tuna sandwich. The sandwich is a delight for those who love fish and it is also extremely simple to make. The sandwich is perfect for those who do not have time to make an elaborate breakfast and is simple in the way it is presented and made. All one needs is some canned tuna or other boneless fish, mashed into a pasty substance. This can be added to a mix of green chillies, olive oil, peppers and salt to make the perfect sandwich mix. Once this is done, put it in the griller or toaster and enjoy a delightfully tasty sandwich.

Classic Chicken tikka sandwich:

Another very simple sandwich that one can make at home itself. All you need to have is one side of chicken tikka, either made or purchased from any kebab house. To make this sandwich, one needs to butter both sides of the bread, followed by adding chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and pepper before placing the chicken tikka that is sliced. Once these are added to the sandwich and grilled, they taste absolutely amazing and they are perfect for anybody looking for a quick fix.

Licious has some of the best meat online India has and will be able to deliver them right to your doorstep.

Lamb sandwich:

To complete the list of awesome sandwiches, the grilled lamb sandwich is another recipe that one can try out at home. Though lamb does take some cooking, the outcome is absolutely delicious and is worth a try. This sandwich can be made with some lemon zest along with some yogurt and olive oil as the marinade to give the lamb a smokey and tangy feel. Once the marinade is done, you can cook the sandwich in a grill oven and enjoy the sandwich to the fullest.

Licious is an online meat store that allows for one to get their meat delivered home. The choice of meat is vast and it can be custom cut according to how the buyer requires it.

5 Dietary Habits That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy

A healthy body goes a long way in living a long and happy life. Today, lifestyle diseases are on the rise – conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity are very difficult to treat once they set in. Most often, one does not have the time to get the right supplements to aid their diet, but now, you can order medicine online at Zigy so they can deliver it to your home without you having to worry about it. Prevention is always better than cure so let us check five dietary habits that will aid in keeping you fit and healthy.

Remember to eat right

Many a time, we eat food in excess, this can happen due to many reasons.It could be social pressureor stress or depression as these two conditions are known to make people look for comfort food.But overeating can also cause indigestion and heartburn. An online health store like Zigy can help you find relief with the right products but it is better to avoid the condition altogether.

Excess sugar should be avoided

Sugar is a sweet killer.It causes a number of health conditions right from affecting your teeth to many a serious disease like diabetes.Diabetes though could be caused by other physiological conditions.Avoiding sugar may not be always possible but it is always better to check the amount and its intake. An online medicine store like Zigy offers the medicines for diabetes and you can also stock up on dental care products if you have a sweet tooth.

Maintain a correct diet

The fad of becoming slim is now almost becoming an epidemic,maintaining optimum body weight is right but losing too much weight will make you restless, cause fatigue and listlessness.In such cases you must opt for productsavailable like Endura which can help.People who are overweight will have issues which can also be controlled with products at Zigy like oats and other Slim Life products.

Eat natural and organic products

A healthy lifestyle is one where we must try to take in food that is free from chemicals and is naturally grown. This will help us and this habit will help future generations. The value of green tea lies in its ability to be a protector thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.

Dairy products are healthy

Intake of this product is one of the most natural ways of having healthy bone and teeth.Children and adults should drink milk or eat any other dairy product so that calcium is available to the body.Many health drinks make it easy to mix and drink milk for picky children and adults alike.

Take your vitamin and supplements

To maintain your body in an optimum working condition you must take vitamin and health supplements which may not be available naturally in all the food that you eat. It becomes easy when these products are easily available at your online store Zigy.

Dairy Queen’s New Blizzards Have a Surprise Inside

It looks like Dairy Queen has taken note of Ben & Jerry’s wildly popular Core ice creams and has created a similar concept for its Blizzard. The new flavors include: New York Cheesecake, Royal Oreo, and Royal Rocky Road Brownie with a choice of chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, or marshmallow in the center. Because Dairy Queen arguably reigns supreme over frozen ice cream, they’re releasing these new treats on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Though we doubt the actual Queen will try the new Blizzards when they are released on April 21, boy do we want to. Dairy Queen is always thinking about us.


Exactly How Bad Do You Want In on This Seared S’mores Cake?

What happens when you take a piping-hot brand and place it on top of mallow fluff? The Brooklyn, NY, restaurant Speedy Romeo know what — it melts and toasts to perfection. Speedy Romeo, known for its pizzas and steaks, thought up this insane idea for a chocolate cake dessert, which features crushed graham cracker, gooey chocolate cake, and a hefty topping of seared mallow fluff. Images of the treat are blowing up on Instagram right now. Watch out — it may become a bigger deal than the raindrop cake.



10 Outrageously Brilliant Cooking Tips From Laura Vitale

If you’re not already a fan of Laura Vitale, let us introduce you. Laura is an Italian-born cook who gained popularity through her cooking series on YouTube, called Laura in the Kitchen, and now she also has her own show on Cooking Channel, Simply Laura. It comes as no surprise that the home cook has over two million subscribers online — her “anyone can cook” attitude combined with her approachable recipes and charismatic presence make her impossible not to love. We’ve learned some pretty ingenious cooking tips from the expert that we’re sharing ahead. Keep reading to learn a life-changing, ingenious waffle-iron hack, the best way to use Nutella, and more.

10 Secrets You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Chopped

Chopped is undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen to food television. If you’re just as obsessed as I am, you probably feel like you know the show really well, have practically memorized Ted Allen’s introduction, and have seen some very questionable mystery basket ingredients. But there are plenty of things you don’t know about the Food Network favorite that go into making the show a success — 28 seasons since 2009 and counting. Behold, 10 fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets, revealed.

1. The judges aren’t really as stern as they seem.

Chopped judge Amanda Freitag told POPSUGAR in an interview that her behind-the-scenes humor doesn’t show up in the show, explaining, “I have to be a judge; I have to be intimidating and serious.”

2. The mystery baskets are planned for the entire season.

A lot of thought is put into the complex mystery baskets, and they’re meticulously curated by a team in Food Network’s culinary department. Chopped host Ted Allen told Food Republic, “They plan the baskets for a whole season, so that’s three baskets a day, times four ingredients, times 39 episodes; and all the baskets have a riddle inside them. It’s hard work. And finding things we haven’t already used is harder and harder.”

3. And every ingredient has a purpose.

The show’s culinary producer, Sara Nahas-Hormi, leads the charge when it comes to choosing basket ingredients. “She creates each basket so there is an inherent problem to solve — a protein that might not cook in time, a strong ingredient that could overpower the others, or maybe one that is unfamiliar,” according to Food Network.

4. Filming takes all day.

While the show only runs for one hour, it takes a full workday to film one episode. Ted Allen, the contestants, and the judges are there from morning until evening, and yes, Ted stands all day! He even had a gel floor pad installed to ease back pain.

5. The contestants get a tour of the pantry so they’re already familiar with it when the clock starts.

Sara makes sure the Chopped kitchen’s pantry is stocked before each round and gives contestants a brief tour before filming begins.

6. Each station is set up with a pot of boiling water and a preheated oven.

If you’ve ever wondered how a contestant starts magically boiling potatoes as soon as the clock starts, that’s because the pot of water on each station’s stove is already boiling at the beginning of each round. The ovens are also preheated to 500°F so they can start cooking immediately.

7. The audition process is long.

Everyone who competes on the show has to really want it and be willing to endure a serious audition process. According to a former contestant who talked about what it’s really like to be on Chopped, “It actually took me about two years from when I first applied to when I got on. Basically I filled out an application with some background information to get the producers interested. If they are [interested], they set up a formal video interview at their offices. . . . I met the producers and they talked to me about some more personal things, because they’re trying to tell a story with each contestant and they want something that will appeal to the audience.”

8. The judges fill out actual scorecards.

We don’t ever see the judges writing, but it’s happening. As soon as the contestants leave the room, the deliberation begins and the judges fill out scorecards.

9. Deliberation usually takes about 20 minutes.

Viewers only see about a minute of the judges’ deliberation, but in reality, it takes much longer. Scott Conant discussed Chopped with E! and said it takes “about 20 minutes, unless Alex [Guarnaschelli] is there, then it’ll take about an hour and a half.” No surprise there — Alex is one tough cookie and will fight for the dishes she believes in.

10. Contestants have to make an extra plate of food.

You’ve noticed that contestants are required to plate their dishes on four plates although there are only three judges, right? That’s because “one is for them to photograph, or to haverevealed when someone gets chopped.”

You’ll Definitely Want to Check These 27 Insane Edibles Off Your Foodie Bucket List

Foodies, get your bucket list ready and prepare to feast your eyes on the most insane food porn you’ve ever seen on Instagram. If you’re on a diet, consider this your virtual cheat day or else it may not be best to keep scrolling. Guaranteed to make your mouth water, the following edible masterpieces will turn you into a glutton. In fact, your cholesterol might shoot up just by looking at them. With everything from a doughnut burger and lobster grilled cheese to stacks on stacks of s’mores pancakes, all your foodie dreams are about to come true. Twenty-seven of the most outrageous confectionary, savory, and oddly paired foods wait ahead — what are you waiting for?

Is Espresso Machine the Right Choice for Home?

You should choose a coffee machine, if you are a coffee lover! Most of the people love espresso as there is no substitute to a perfect coffee shot. Whether one like espresso direct up or as a cappuccino or latte, getting it delicious in taste is a little tricky procedure. An espresso home maker is quite expensive so it is always a good idea to think before you make a purchase. These machines are not easy to buy as it comes with heavy price tags. Here are a few things to think while you are trying to purchase an espresso machine maker. You should know whether you will be using the espresso maker more frequently or will it be just a show piece on the dining table or corner of the kitchen.


The Ritual

Coffee is a ritual to many people as they love this drink so much that they have to decide the place and the time. Their association with espresso coffee is actually very different and most of us relate to coffee as a ritual. For most of us, the favorite espresso or café bar provides us a welcoming retreat right from our homes and workplaces where one can actually soak up the environment when they sip the most delicious flavor of coffee. Many times we enjoy something simply because it is a luxury or treat. In this case the availability of coffee at home every day is definitely the best idea.

Then again, one may be brewing high quality coffee in their kitchen already. Individuals who purchase fresh roasted beans as well as grind those at home find a lot to do with a home coffee espresso machine. They are the ones who have experimented with many different brewing ideas and would love to make coffee at home via their espresso machine. In case you love cooking gourmet food stuff for yourself and your family then making espresso at your own comfort level right from your home will definitely please you.

The Learning Process

You need to take few lessons to learn how to make the best shot of coffee from your espresso machine. It will take little time to learn the procedure. There are many factors involved in making a good coffee and you require choosing the correct beans, grind it properly, tamp those beans evenly as well as the pressure must be right while you do so. A perfect barista can deal with these variables. Like for instance, they can actually change the temperature to recompense for a smaller amount than optimal mince. The first shot of espresso one make might not taste so good or like the one that are made by the professionals at barista but later you will find the taste as similar to the one at your favorite café shops. Hot milk for cappuccinos and lattes takes some vigorous practice as well.

If you are a coffee aficionado and a foodie, this all looks like great news! You need to learn the whole process of making a cappuccino and espresso coffee and learning will be all fun. Learning a latest culinary skills and putting the private stamp on the espresso shots is certainly a fascinating procedure. One should even take-up a barista learning to develop their latest job skills.

The Price Tag

The latest semi-automatic espresso machine usually cost below $100 or above $2000, depending up on the model you are choosing. Ideally, one should choose the one that range between $150 and $400 as a decent beginner machine. It may be actually more for something which will not be of much use to you. Always make sure that you get the grinder that is decent enough and has a great grinder as brewing is the main thing which is done properly while making an espresso.

Final Thoughts

People like to have the coffee maker at home but they do not want to make the coffee or grind. In these cases, super automatic espresso machines are available and are used at great pace. These makers grind, tamp as well as brew easily and the coffee is ready within no time. You should always choose the best.