Future Lifestyle Fashion bets big on six ‘Power Brands’ for future growth


New Delhi: New Delhi:Kishore Biyani-led Future Lifestyle Fashion (FLF) has identified six brands in its portfolio which will give the company next stage of growth and profitability, it said in investors presentation. The company is calling them Power Brands and they together are expected to constitute 65%-70% to own brand sales by financial year 2020.

The brands on which the company will put more focus are denim brand Lee Cooper, men’s fashion brand John Miller, casual and sportswear brand Scullers, plus size unisex brand All, club wear brand Indigo Nation and women’s fashion brand Jealous 21.

Lee Cooper which has generated a revenue of Rs 320 crores in financial year 2017 aspires to be a Rs 1,000 crore brand, the company said without mentioning the time frame expected achieve this feat. John Millers, Scullers, Indigo Nation and All generated more than Rs 100 revenue for the company in financial year 2017, clocking total sales of Rs 120 crore, Rs 110 crore, Rs 110 crore and Rs 120 crore respectively. Only one of the Power Brand Jealous 21 has clocked less than Rs 100 crores in revenue at Rs 90 crores.

FLF posted 17.5% rise in net sales for fiscal ended March 2017, surpassing department chain Shoppers Stop in annual sales for the first time ever, ET had reported earlier. FLF, which runs Central and Brand Factory, had sales of Rs 3877 crore during the year. In comparison, K Raheja’s Shoppers Stop with an eponymous department chain, home format Home Stop and specialty beauty formats such as Estee Lauder and Mac posted sales at Rs 3677.6 crore.

  • Future Lifestyle Fashion bets big on six 'Power Brands' for future growth

According to the company, FLF will focus on building Power Brands which can drive higher growth and profitability. The company will allocate resource and capital to grow these six brands to next level and there will be a dedicated team to drive these brands. The company is focusing on high growth categories in the fashion space, it said in the presentation.

FLF expects Power Brands to grow twice as fast compared to other brands in its portfolio.

The six Power Brands contributed 53% of FLF brands revenue in financial year 2015 while its share increased to 60% in the next fiscal, the company said.

The company’s other fashion brand Bare clocked a revenue of Rs 110 crore in the financial year 2017.

The retail formats of FLF, Central clocked revenue of Rs 2,274 crore which contributed to 59 percent of the company’s revenue while the other format Brand Factory posted a revenue of Rs 1,045 crore.

Khadi dresses can give you a trendy look in the summer.

Khadi dresses can give you a trendy look in the summer.

In the summer, in Khadi dress you can look like fashionable

Delhi: Khadi clothes can prove to be suitable for you in the summer season. Spaghetti top made from khadi cloth, from Denim to short dress will not only prove to be comfortable for you in this season but will also give you a new and smart look. Prominent speaker of ‘Woonik.com’, Bhavya Chawla, co-founder of Shapotox.com, Jimmy Kaul and Head (Design) Smruti Khurana, ‘Elayarap.com,’ have suggested these things regarding looking fashionable in khadi clothes:

Khadi’s hand made sari is the best and they come in different colors and styles. There is no problem wearing khadi sari because it is comfortable in summer. For the modern look, choose Zardozi’s khadi and block printed khadi saree. You can also wear colorful plain khadi sari with embroidered shirt blouse, which will give you a whole new look.

You can wear khadi spaghetti, top skirts, or loose fitting pants to look different in style and style. You can look very attractive with Khadi’s crop top wearing a light-round skirt.

Khadi fabric is best for children. Cut Flord with simple print dress or different designs will be better for khadi top girls, while boys can wear khadi shirts and pants hand-made. Khadi for children is easy to wear and comfortable.

If you want to feel more comfortable in the summer season then you can wear khadi kurtis or short dress. You can wear some ornaments with a fine embroidered kurti on the neck, in which you will look very beautiful.

You can wear a khadi scarf or a scarf with a plain dress, with a plain dress. Wear scarf on a light colored lottery, From which you will definitely look different from the crowd.

In the summer you can also wear short pants or shrugs of khadi. Wear khadi shroud over the short, which will give you a smart look.

Khadi’s denim is better according to the style and ease. Wear denim khadi pants with off shoulder or cold shoulder top.

Input from news agency, INS

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Piramal Enterprises Looking To Expand In Real Estate Financing


Mumbai: Indian conglomerate Piramal Enterprises said it is looking to expand its real estate development business and also expects to have a licence to start providing home mortgages by July.

The Mumbai-based group, whose interests range from pharmaceuticals to financial services and real estate financing in India’s big cities, said it now plans to finance top property developments in second-tier cities.

“Till now our focus was more on the Tier 1 cities and Tier 1 developers in those cities,” billionaire Chairman Ajay Piramal told Reuters on Friday in an interview after the group announced a 61 percent jump in fourth quarter net profit.

The group said in January that it planned to start offering mortgages and Piramal said it should have a licence by July.

STRESSED ASSETSPiramal Enterprises Looking To Expand In Real Estate Financing

Piramal has also formed a joint venture with private equity firm Bain Capital to explore opportunities to buy stressed assets and its chairman welcomed the Indian government’s move this month to give the central bank greater power to identify and enforce resolution on specific soured loans.

In an executive order that altered the Banking Regulation Act, the government authorised the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to direct banks to initiate an insolvency resolution process in the case of defaults. The move could spur deal activity in distressed assets.

“This is a step in the right direction,” said Piramal, adding that the joint venture with Bain was looking at distressed asset opportunities in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and in heavy industry.

It is keen to buy assets that it can operate as going concerns, potentially in partnership with the existing owners, or experts in the sector, he said.

Fashion, food blogging serious business among youngsters in Chandigarh


Gone are the days when one had to flip through a glossy magazine to get an insight into the world of fashion and food. Today, you can simply scroll the net and checkout some blogs.

Blogging has grown and so has the concept of social media influencers. It is a form of expression for some, and others have found a way to make a living out of it. These people go out to store openings or restaurant launch events, get access to fashion shows and early taste sessions. Not just that, they even get brand endorsements based on their number of followers. Blogging has turned into a serious business.

Chandigarh is slowly but gradually making a mark on the blogging scene with some of its bloggers attracting an enviable number of followers. Subject matter expertise, combined with passion and an efficiently planned social media presence, is taking these bloggers places.fashion

We ask some city bloggers what gets them going.


Bedi is a UIFT (University Institute of Fashion and Technology) PU graduate, a former visual merchandiser and a celebrity stylist. She is a fresh face from Chandigarh who believes in the power of blogging. Karina says that she was inspired by seasoned fashion bloggers to set up one of her own. Today she runs ‘styledbykarina’, a blog that highlights neat and classy fashion options. With photo shoots and brand endorsements, she has her hands full.


Naaz, a student of MA English at MCM DAV College for Women, is a year-old in the world of fashion blogging. Her blog ‘naaz.arora’ panders to ‘medium-sized’ girls as she believes fashion is not just for the skinny. With statement pieces and proportionate dressing, Naaz emphasises that fashion is for everyone. “A lot of girls connect with me as they have similar body issues, while others have suffered body shaming. I want girls to accept their body type and size. They shouldn’t be intimidated by other people’s views,” she says.


Anukriti Jhamb (PHOTO:)

Anukriti Jhamb, a lawyer by training with a degree in culinary course from London, is a budding food blogger from the city with passion for trying out new dishes. Given the steady increase in the number of restaurants in the city, Anukriti believes that Chandigarh is rocking the food scene. She visits new restaurants and reviews them. Thanks to her growing number of followers, she now gains an early access to tasting sessions of food festivals in the city. She is also planning to open her restaurant consultancy agency soon. Anukriti runs a food blog Worth__eat .


Ruby is another budding fashion blogger who firmly believes in the concept of power dressing. Her blog ‘rubysupergirl’ treats fashion as an art. She started her blog in 2015 and credits her personal shopper and stylist tag to her blog as it got her instant fame among the fashion makers. She is a regular at store launch events and fashion shows in the city.


Slim Fit Shirts for all Your Needs – Know the Tips to Choose and Buy before Go

While going out for the night, or to a wedding or gathering, everyone ought to look like it. Men tend to put on the primary shrewd looking top and trousers they find, while ladies like to shade coordinate, take as much time as necessary and deal with themselves. Presently, men can do precisely the same one straightforward thing – a Slim Fit Shirts.

There could be nothing more terrible than a shirt that hangs free around your arms or your waist, which makes it take a second look your size. A Slim Fit Shirts is perfect for that flawless fit which is near the skin yet doesn’t need to be tight to it. Men will gaze sharp stood upward and smooth when sat down and simply general look exceptionally savvy and expert. There are a wide range of styles for every last man.

At the point when attempting on your fitted dress shirt either in a store or while getting it from your shirt producer there are a couple of things you ought to look out for on the off chance that you have aims on picking what can be viewed as an all-around Slim Fit Shirts.

  1. Shoulder Width – Find the end of your top shoulder bone and ensure that the shoulder creases adjust to it. Dreadfully numerous men are wearing shirts that list beneath this point, which thus influences the look of the shirts on different ranges.
  1. Sleeve Length – When remaining with your arms loose down along your arms a fitted dress shirt has a sleeve finishing at the top thumb knuckle if the sleeve is not secured.
  1. Waist – Often standard sizes have a tent like effect along the waist of the dress shirt. To accomplish an ordinary fit take a stab at taking a seat with the shirt on and ensure that the waist fabric can’t develop more than a clench hand size from your stomach. For a thin fit it ought to be about a large portion of a clench hand size.
  1. Shirt Length – For the shirt length you ought to consider on the off chance that you are searching for a shirt that is to be tucked in or stay out of your jeans. For tucked in dress shirts the shirt ought to end about ½ inch over the end of your jeans zipper. For un-tucked dress shirts it ought to end around 1 ½ inches over that same spot. This is a subjective matter, be that as it may.

There are for the most part three alternatives with regards to Slim Fit Shirts:

  • Athletic fitted shirts – Fits for this sort of fabricate are typically called athletic, thin, or cutting edge fit. These fits accompany a smaller waist, mid-section, and hip region.
  • Standard measured dress shirts – These sizes are somewhat bigger and looser which doesn’t take into account quite a bit of a fitted look. Typically these shirts result in a sloppier and baggier look.
  • Uniquely designed fitted shirts – By getting a specially fitted shirt you get a shirt that takes after your particular measurements and you’ll have complete control over the last attack of the shirt. Nine times out of ten the fit is better with the completely adjustable shirt.

For the individuals who need a neat and tidy look, then wearing a fitted shirt is the main choice. A cleaner slice will prompt a more satisfactory look and additionally speaking to everybody. The best decision is to go to a tailor and get a specially designed dress shirt. A tailor will have the capacity to quantify your abdominal area and give the best fitting shirt you’ll ever have.

Why Fashion Matters

Why Fashion Matters

Achorus of camera shutters clicks over a throbbing bass as models emerge onto the runway in single file. Clad in black leather and lace, they confidently maneuver the catwalk despite the veils over their faces and the towering stiletto heels on their feet. A woman in the front row pulls out her phone to Instagram a textured cape, and a reporter scribbles notes on a yellow legal pad.

As a fashion blogger, I’ve flown across the country to observe this fashion show for myself. But I’m not in New York or LA—I’m in downtown Tampa, Florida. And while I’m surrounded by media personalities and fashion aficionados, the audience is also peppered with pastors and Sunday school teachers. When the show closes, attendees stand up and fall into a queue as they wait to take pictures on the catwalk. The sign they want to pose in front of? A simple red and white logo reading “Christian Fashion Week.”

About a year before I took my seat at this runway, I learned of Christian Fashion Week (CFW) online—and my instinct was to cringe. Visions of T-shirts bedazzled with crosses danced in my head; proof-texted verses about modesty rang in my ears. Would this be another example of well-meaning Christians baptizing one more creative medium in Christian “relevance”?

A rapid Google search proved my T-shirt premonition correct, as well as my guess about an emphasis on modesty. Its website explained that the focus on modest clothing was part of CFW’s desire to “create a series of international fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview.”

Now I was in Tampa at the invitation of CFW’s founders to see what “fashion from a Christian worldview” looked like to them. And what I found there was less easily dismissed than I expected.

Modesty and Beyond

As someone who writes about fashion from a faith-based perspective, I spend a good deal of time interfacing with other Christians on the subject of clothing. You can’t do that for long without discovering one thing: Talking about fashion with the Bible in mind typically means talking about modesty.

The association is not unfounded. The Bible explicitly addresses modesty, perhaps most famously in 1 Timothy 2:9, which instructs women to adorn themselves “with modesty and self-control” (ESV). Other Scripture passages similarly encourage Christians to focus on inner beauty over outer adornment (1 Pet. 3:3–4; Prov. 31:30).

Yet modesty discourse today rarely acknowledges how the meaning of the word has changed over time. Modesty in our 21st-century context typically means “not revealing too much skin.” Today, a burqa-clad woman encrusted head-to-toe in pricey designer goods is considered more modest than a homeless teenager wearing a handout tank top and running shorts. But the New Testament’s original audience would have understood the word modesty as “unassuming or moderate.”

‘Fashion matters because bodies matter. We have to reconcile ourselves to bodies, the sensual and the creative. And fashion is a means for doing that.’ ~ Lucy Collins, Fashion Institute of Technology

In focusing the modesty discussion primarily on sexualized bodies, many Christians have lost the thread of the biblical discourse on clothing. The Bible addresses socioeconomic issues in the church as well as sexual ones when talking about apparel. For example, James 2 warns against showing favoritism to wealthy churchgoers who displayed their status through clothing. Paul’s charge in 1 Timothy 2 can be read as a similar caution for people choosing to flaunt their wealth. Today’s modesty rhetoric tends to add skewed gender politics into the mix without looking at the way motive and context inform modesty. In general, Christian conversations about clothing tend to let modesty overshadow all other dimensions. Thus, I was unsurprised to learn that CFW’s original platform in 2013 was built almost entirely on advocating modest clothing.

Men’s fashion: It’s a breath of fresh air to see men being treated like women at last Michele Hanson

Gucci at Milan fashion week, June 2015.

I know we’re a long way from gender equality, but I’ve just seen encouraging signs that it is getting closer – at men’s fashion shows. What a breath of fresh air it is to see men being treated like women at last: trussed up, exposed, pin-headed, half-starved twigs, their movements hampered, looking grim-faced, peaky and ever so silly, while at Maison Margiela they “run the consumptive masculine gamut … vaguely pimp … [and] dirtily hippie”.

Of course, males have been suffering for fashion for some time. I was moaning ages ago to Olga about that strange young men’s style of wearing trousers at half mast, but she was thrilled by it. She’s even seen a pair fall down in the street, as the wearer was crossing the road. How she laughed, because here were men being physically restricted by their clothes, just as we have been for centuries. With their trousers below their bottoms, they couldn’t run, and walked as if they had slightly messed themselves.

And I notice that Gucci’s 2015 trousers are “pooled at the ankles”, which looks frightfully dangerous. Those boys could easily fall and break their legs, just as we do with our high heels, and I nearly do when my pyjamas “pool”. And even more dangerous was Rick Owens’s “hot, new visible penis trend” earlier this year.

“Nipples and willies are a bit vulnerable,” warns Olga. “Imagine going too close to a hawthorn bush.” Ouch. But perhaps men like a hint of risk, pain, bondage and brutality, to make sure things aren’t too girly. I spotted some strange external silver Bond-villain dentistry, loads of straps, leather, and a skate-park setting, perhaps to counteract the slimy, flobby satin, furry mouse ears, long shiny hair, handbags, transparent frocks and general twerpy look.

“I think they all look barmy,” says Fielding. “I just don’t get it.” What a stick in the mud, boring old fart he has become. Has he forgotten the flowing hair, snake-hips and kohl mascara of his youth? His pursuit of emancipation and equality? Well here it comes again. Seriously. It’s now a proper philosophy – Armani’s“mindset of a free spirit”.

Givenchy Is Coming to New York Fashion Week

The movable feast of fashion weeks continues. After Valentino decided to hold its couture show in Rome instead of Paris next week to celebrate the opening of a mega-store in the Italian capital, Givenchy announced that its spring 2016 ready-to-wear show would be held in New York rather than Paris, to celebrate the opening of its Manhattan flagship.

This is becoming something of a trend, and it makes sense from a strategic viewpoint: Shows and stores are part of a brand’s marketing juggernaut, so why not combine the two for the ultimate impact? Just imagine the celebrity appearances.

There’s one catch, however: The date of Givenchy’s show is Sept. 11, the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.

New York Fashion Week almost always takes place around Sept. 11, as it did in 2001, and its history is interwoven with the events on the day of the attack. Givenchy did not ask that the show take place on Sept. 11, but it agreed with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, now in charge of the New York Fashion Week schedule, that the show would be on the second day of the season’s events, which run from Sept. 10 to 17. That happened to be the 11th. It worked best for both organizations, said Steven Kolb, chief executive of the CFDA.

But will it work for everyone else?

Celebrating what many might consider a festival of extravagance on a day of mourning is complicated. To hold a promotional event on Sept. 11 in New York — one that goes beyond the business as usual of the trade show that is fashion week — invites scrutiny and criticism, even if it pumps money into local businesses.

Givenchy is aware of this issue. “It’s a very delicate day for America,” the designer Riccardo Tisci told Women’s Wear Daily, “and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love.”

It is possible to see fashion as a vehicle for self-affirmation and the freedom of self-determination, and to consider the addition of the show as an affirmation of economic growth.

“We are very pleased to have Givenchy showing in N.Y.,” Mr. Kolb wrote in an email. “It is a great addition and emphasizes the importance on NYFW as an influential market week.”

What would really make a difference, it seems to me, would be Givenchy’s acknowledging the significance of the date at its show (a moment of silence, a line in the show notes — it wouldn’t take a lot). In the past, few New York Fashion Week designers whose collections have been shown on the 11th have done so, and it has always felt jarring, a kind of denial.

Fashion may be about the future, but it has a responsibility to the past. As the New York show is a one-off, with all the extra attention that generates, Givenchy will have a singular opportunity to reconcile the two. Here’s hoping the house embraces it.

Caitlyn Jenner Could Feature In Victoria Beckham’s New Fashion Line

Victoria Beckham is spicing up her life amid reports that Caitlyn Jenner will model in her new fashion line.

The former pop-star turned fashionista has her eye on the transgender icon after admiring Jenner’s historical Vanity Fair photoshoot.

Could this Spice Girl really be heading into a new frontier of fashion for transgender rights?

victoria beckham

This could this be the next dream team

If the deal with Jenner works out it could be a welcome milestone for transgender coverage in the fashion industry.

Stunning trans model, Andrej Pejic, made positive progress in the industry afterstarring in a high-profile make-up campaign by Make Up For Ever.

A source told Modamob: “She (Beckham) thinks she (Jenner) looks absolutely stunning and desperately wants to style her and even include her in an upcoming fashion campaign.”

Beckham is said to feel Caitlyn’s glamorous style and Amazonian figure would work perfectly with her clothes.

If the pair get together it won’t be the first time Jenner has worn designer fashion labels, indeed during the Vanity Fair shoot she wore clothes from Badgley Mischka, Zac Posen, and Donna Karan.

caitlyn jenner

“Call Me Caitlyn” on the front of Vanity Fair

The collaboration is still only speculation however, though the fact Beckham looks keen to support the trangender movement can only be a positive thing.

Beckham debuted her range of dresses at the New York Fashion week way back in 2008 and since has had clientele such as Beyonce and Anne Hathaway.

She was awarded Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2011.

Amar’e Stoudemire talks sports in fashion

U.S basketball player Amar'e Stoudemire, right, and his wife Alexis Welch arrive at Balmain men's Spring/Summer 2016 collection, during Mode a Paris, in France, Saturday, June 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu)All 6’10” (2.08 meters) of Stoudemire have stood out quite prominently in Paris fashion week this season _ with the NBA player attending numerous shows including Balmain Saturday.

Stoudemire, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, is no stranger to the fashion scene and has attended Paris menswear weeks twice before _ as well as having collaborated on his own fashion line.

He said it’s great that more and more sportswear is being seen on the ready-to-wear catwalk, like in Givenchy’s use of basketball top silhouettes or Balmain’s use of baseball caps.

“I love fashion. And it’s a sign of creativity that brands are mixing sports in their designs, like Givenchy,” he said, at the Balmain show.

“I think in the last five or six years, collaborations with sports and fashion have really taken off _ like my sporty collaboration with (designer) Rachel Roy in womenswear,” he said.

Stoudemire sat next to fellow NBA star Serge Ibaka, who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder.