Young People Are Excited About ARC Training

Young People Are Excited About ARC Training

June 14, 2018 Off By admin

People that believe all young people are lazy and not interested in obtaining a good job are so wrong. ARC has launched its Youth Jobs Path Program and scores of young people are vying to sign up. This innovative job training and job preparedness courses is a wonderful way for young people to prepare for their futures in the job market. This program has been highly successful in QLD and also NSW for many years now. Currently, this program is aiming for the SA region, along with VIC. The program is funded by the government, and the benefits of participation are great.

The program is successful due to its ingenious class set-up. The classes are designed for face-to-face contact and interaction. The classes teach the theory in short session bursts. This enables young people to retain the information without getting bored by long and uninteresting lectures. The teachers promote engaging conversations with the students who feel empowered just by becoming a part of the learning process. This program format also utilizes fun group activities and also realistic role playing. This role playing lets students learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully as if they were actually working.

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The ARC training format uses projects as a way for students to experience their learning. Since the training encompasses a variety of learning techniques, the class should enable all students to effectively learn in a style that best suits them. Some students prefer to read their material. Others are more listening learners, and they need to hear someone explain the material being studied. There are visual learners that tend to grasp concepts better if they can actually see how it works. Still more students need to emotionally connect to what is being taught. Role play tends to help emotional learners, visual, and hearing learners.

Through the course of this training, students will make personal goals and work towards accomplishing those goals in a straightforward and logical manner. They will learn short term goal planning, as well as long term goal planning. Students will be encouraged to complete each step of their training, to better able the students to reach their long term goal of acquiring a wanted job. Students will have chances to find out some inner knowledge within a job they are interested in one day having. This will include learning the job language and getting an overview of their desired position within a company.

Part of this exemplary program involves actual participation in community events and service. This volunteer service builds a student’s connection with others in their community, allows hands-on work that meets someone’s needs, builds stronger character and encourages the good citizen behavior after they become employed. This program hopes to instill a sense of community among the students and their environments. Most students really enjoy the volunteer portion of this training, often doing more on their own time. ARC offers the youth jobs path program to aid students in their hope to become meaningfully employed. The program also aids participating businesses that give these young people a job position.

Unlike other training programs, ARC training seeks to encourage, empower and motivate young people to realize their potential to attain the career they envision. Students have given high praise for this program.