Fashion, food blogging serious business among youngsters in Chandigarh


Gone are the days when one had to flip through a glossy magazine to get an insight into the world of fashion and food. Today, you can simply scroll the net and checkout some blogs.

Blogging has grown and so has the concept of social media influencers. It is a form of expression for some, and others have found a way to make a living out of it. These people go out to store openings or restaurant launch events, get access to fashion shows and early taste sessions. Not just that, they even get brand endorsements based on their number of followers. Blogging has turned into a serious business.

Chandigarh is slowly but gradually making a mark on the blogging scene with some of its bloggers attracting an enviable number of followers. Subject matter expertise, combined with passion and an efficiently planned social media presence, is taking these bloggers

We ask some city bloggers what gets them going.


Bedi is a UIFT (University Institute of Fashion and Technology) PU graduate, a former visual merchandiser and a celebrity stylist. She is a fresh face from Chandigarh who believes in the power of blogging. Karina says that she was inspired by seasoned fashion bloggers to set up one of her own. Today she runs ‘styledbykarina’, a blog that highlights neat and classy fashion options. With photo shoots and brand endorsements, she has her hands full.


Naaz, a student of MA English at MCM DAV College for Women, is a year-old in the world of fashion blogging. Her blog ‘naaz.arora’ panders to ‘medium-sized’ girls as she believes fashion is not just for the skinny. With statement pieces and proportionate dressing, Naaz emphasises that fashion is for everyone. “A lot of girls connect with me as they have similar body issues, while others have suffered body shaming. I want girls to accept their body type and size. They shouldn’t be intimidated by other people’s views,” she says.


Anukriti Jhamb (PHOTO:)

Anukriti Jhamb, a lawyer by training with a degree in culinary course from London, is a budding food blogger from the city with passion for trying out new dishes. Given the steady increase in the number of restaurants in the city, Anukriti believes that Chandigarh is rocking the food scene. She visits new restaurants and reviews them. Thanks to her growing number of followers, she now gains an early access to tasting sessions of food festivals in the city. She is also planning to open her restaurant consultancy agency soon. Anukriti runs a food blog Worth__eat .


Ruby is another budding fashion blogger who firmly believes in the concept of power dressing. Her blog ‘rubysupergirl’ treats fashion as an art. She started her blog in 2015 and credits her personal shopper and stylist tag to her blog as it got her instant fame among the fashion makers. She is a regular at store launch events and fashion shows in the city.


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