5 Storage Options for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is your sanctuary from the mad rush of the outside world. It has to be a place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep without anything disrupting the experience. Thus, it is important to keep it clutter-free and the only way you can do this is to maximize the storage options in your bedroom—small or big. Here are five solutions to your problem.


Sweep it Under the Bed

The space under the bed is perhaps the most underutilized in the room. Use storage baskets or boxes for winter clothes or other less frequently used items and push them under the bed. Another option is to buy a bed with storage where you can store clothes or bed linen away from view.This allows you easy access if you feel an extra chill one night and need to warm up a bit.

Top of the Cupboards

If the wardrobe designs in your bedroom provide space between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling, you can hoist up those storage boxes. Use flat and wide boxes that can easily be stacked to maximize the storage. It is here that you can easily store those bulky suitcases or travel bags – away and neatly stored until your next vacation.

Over the Headboard

The space above the headboard is a good place to provide some storage. You can have closed storage so that it seems like an extension of the headboard and use it to keep your books or odds and ends. If you want space to display your knick knacks or souvenirs, then you can opt for an open display unit or one with glass enclosing it. Ensure that you get a good carpenter to do this so you don’t end up with an awkwardly angled piece that you can bump your head on. With this storage option – you can do away with the need for side tables.

Backs of Doors

The back of the bathroom door, closet door, or even the bedroom door itself can be a great spot to put up some hooks or rails. Use this to store accessories that you use often like belts, scarves, and costume jewelry. There are some well-designed, decorative hooks in the market that allow you to add some flair to this storage.

Up the Wall

Using wall-mounted storage like small cubicles and book shelves can clear up floor space and give your bedroom a neat appearance. Get these shelves to fit in corners to prevent any sides from jutting out inconveniently.

Ensure that the storage options you choose blend in with your bedroom décor in terms of theme, color, and style. It is also important not to over-clutter your bedroom. Remember, the point of adding clever furniture for storage is so that you have a spacious bedroom area. There are numerous options for each space. Explore any wardrobe online with MyGubbi from a wide range of options.

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