Top Myths About Medical Career That Need To Be Debunked

A lot of people are extremely hesitant about getting into a medical career because of the myths about medical careers that float around. A lot of these myths are absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical and totally untrue. Here’s a list of medical that seriously needed to be debunked:

  • The more experienced the doctor the higher his fee

This is a classic myth that almost every person across the globe blindly believes. Contrary to popular belief that the number of years a doctor spends in practice is directly related to an increase in his fee is a misconception. There are several highly experienced doctors who get the same consultation free as a physician who is just completed his residency.

  • Only a doctor can judge whether or not you’re sick

People who believe that it is only a doctor who can judge whether they are sick or not are truly believing in a myth. In reality there is no one out there who knows and understands your body the way you yourself do. So even though a doctor may be able to identify the underlying illness, he will not be able to judge whether or not you’re sick until you don’t tell him the sudden change in your body you feel. Whatever the aches and pains that you find have manifested, the doctor will then study, ask you a series of additional questions, run a series of tests and only then be able to tell you what the matter is. Thus it is only you who know first when you feel a sudden discomfort or uneasiness in your body.

  • Patients who are admitted only get attention from doctors when they are on their rounds

This one is another senseless myth. Although it is true that doctors only visit patients maybe once or twice  a day for merely 15 minutes, this does not mean that the patient is not being given attention from the doctor otherwise. Often doctors take the reports of the patients and consult with specialists and other doctors. They thoroughly investigate the case in the privacy of their offices in an attempt to ensure a quick and speedy recovery of the patient.

  • Medical School Will Take Up Most of Your Youth and wastes a lot of your years

Well, although the period that a student spends in medical school is a rather long one, that does not indicate that you will waste away your youth there. If medicine is truly something you are interested and passionate about pursuing, then all the time you invest to prepare for AIMPT examination, such as AIPMT 2016 this year, and the additional years in medical school are totally going to be worth your time and efforts.

  • You need to be a topper all throughout your college life to get into medical school

Although good grades are crucial, that doesn’t mean that you need to be a topper throughout your college life in order to acquire admission in medical school. Students who had maintained a grade that was slightly above average have also made an excellent an excellent medical career for themselves.

  • Medical School in Unaffordable

Medical school may be expensive in some countries but not in all. In India if a student clears the common entrance test for medical school, the government takes care of the majority of the fees. A lot of people even consider the option of attending a medicine school in Russia or China as the fees involved in these countries is relatively lower.

So, if you have been in two minds about whether or not to get into the medical field, these debunked myths should clear out a lot of your unanswered questions and confusions.

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