HTC Vive Virtual Reality Pax Prime Promo Video Released

HTC Vive

The launch of the new Valve HTC Vive virtual reality headset is edging closer and closer with limited numbers expected to be made available before the end of the year.

The HTC marketing team are gearing up for the launch and are promoting a new video that shows reactions to their virtual reality headset from Pax Prime. Providing you with glimpse at the fun you can expect to have when using their VR headset and controllers.

Watch the video below to see snippets of the gameplay you can enjoy in the immersive virtual reality world once the valve HTC headset becomes a reality.


HTC Vive virtual reality headset is Valve’s flagship hardware for their Steam VR platform and although it will be available in limited quantities before the end of the year will officially launch early next year to compete with the likes of the, Sony’s Project Morpheus VR experience and the Oculus Rift which was purchased by Facebook after originally launching via the kick starter crowdfunding website.

As more details about official launch dates are made available we will keep you up to date as always.

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