Things to Consider Before You Invest in a Social Media Platform

Things to Consider Before You Invest in a Social Media Platform

Maybe you have set up your website or blog, and now you want to get on the social media bandwagon. These platforms are excellent places to gather a new audience and get more people attracted to your website.

There are many types of social media and each of those platforms come with their unique benefits and drawbacks. The audience of each platform can be different, too. As such trying to find the right platform for your business could turn out to be very difficult.

Selecting the right social media platform

It is extremely important that you select the correct social media platform right from the beginning. This decision will affect your content and brand like no other.

Before you take a decision, consider the following factors:

  • The platform’s unique audience, including its demography
  • The kind of content utilised in that specific platform
  • The skills required to present the content
  • The user numbers that can be reached by using that specific platform

Different social media platforms

The major social media platforms are discussed below:


Most people find Google+ to constitute a harder learning curve compared to other platforms. However, learning to use this platform has many rewards which justify the effort. It could be a tad harder to connect to people (this depends on your profession), but Google+ has main benefits of a number of social media platforms.

  • It will help you to connect with people
  • It helps you to share information with the audience
  • Establishes your expertise
  • It helps you find an audience in your category

It is apparent that Google+ has covered all the basics. It also has a number of other special features that may benefit you immensely.

1. Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the principal benefits of associating with Google+ is SEO. From a business point of view, this feature alone trumps other social media platforms. It is to be remembered that it is a Google product and Google search is the most widely used search engine in the world. It is clear that sharing posts on Google+ assists the SEO increase of your website.

2. Google Authorship and the Publisher Tags

When you are involved in the workings of Google+, it is important that you apply Authorship to blog posts that are written there. This proves that you are the author, and you can post a little picture of yourself adjacent to the post as well. You can use plugins or simply manually apply the Authorship to each post.

3. Communities

Google+ Communities are an excellent method to interact with people on the same wavelength as you are. It is easy to verify whether there are relevant communities on site before you invest. Do make sure that the community remains active with shares, comments and likes.

4. Local Business

Google+ really helps you with this one. It offers local listings and business pages.


If you want to get involved on Twitter, do keep in mind that this social media platform changes very rapidly. Twitter also delivers a number of unique benefits. One of them is that it is very easy to connect to a large mass of people. In case you want to make contact with an influencer, Twitter is frequently the simplest route to achieve this.

1. Finding new leads and connections

Connecting to people is very easy on Twitter. There is also the etiquette where people frequently “follow back”. If you monitor the hashtags and the terms applicable to your area of expertise, then it is possible to connect with probable new customers and leads very easily.

2. Twitter openness

Everything on Twitter is open to the public and can be easily found. If you own a business, remember that anybody can read what you post on Twitter. If customers complain about your service through the Twitter account, the problems can be read by the whole world. The upside of this is fast response and super-easy communication. You can resolve a situation extremely quickly. It is regarded as one of the most economical customer service channels.


It is the biggest social media platform and for many, the first place to begin a social media campaign. Compared to other platforms, Facebook users spend more time on the site. However, recent changes has made it difficult for businesses to gain publicity without paying the social media giant. Expenses can quickly notch up to high levels.


Pinterest is excellent for the visual niche. It is also increasingly utilised by websites and non-visual blogs when they want to share text centric information. This is made possible by sharing good quality images, where text is visible on the image, highlighting the post content.


LinkedIn is a place where like-minded individuals can connect. Since it is a platform geared towards professionals, it makes an excellent place for B2C and B2B connections.

It is important to know what you want before you select a social media platform. Audience outreach plays an important role in the selection and the potential benefits must be considered, too.

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