Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google [OSEO-06]

Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google [OSEO-06]

My mission with “Oversimplified SEO” video series is to help you guys get your website to the top of Google SERPs.

I started off with explaining some basic SEO concepts:

  • How To Rank #1 In Google For ANY Keyword
  • How To Rank In Google Without Links
  • How To Get Powerful Links That Help You Rank In Google
  • How To Retain Your Top Position In Google For EVER!

And honestly I was almost running out of the “basics” that I could share with you.

But luckily, after watching my videos, you guys started asking great questions!

And today’s video is purely based on one of these questions:

Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google

NOTE: if you’re enjoying my “Oversimplified SEO” series I invite you to subscribe to Ahrefs YouTube channel.Here’s a quick recap of what I talk about in this video:

You might have a reputable authority website with lots of links, but some lousy competitor will still outrank you for a keyword that you wish to rank for.

First of all, check out what keyword are both sites (pages) optimized for.

There’s a chance that competitor’s site is well optimized for that particular keyword, while yours is optimized for some other one.

But if your on-page SEO is pretty much identical, it’s time to examine the backlink profiles.

Check out the anchor text distribution on both backlink profiles. The anchors of your backlinks give hints to Google as to what your website is relevant to.

The odds are that you’re sending wrong signals to Google, and that is why it ranks you for some keyword that you didn’t wish to rank for.

Sounds confusing?

Please watch my video for more details. I had a great example to show you and hopefully I managed to explain this case well.

PS: I would love to get more SEO-related questions from you! Even if they are pretty advanced, I’ll try to “OVERsimplify” them in my videos. So shoot me!

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